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Former TNA tag champ Matt Morgan joins growing list of wrestlers-turned-politicians

Another wrestler is following Booker T and Kane on the trail blazed by Jesse Ventura and entering a political campaign. And while he’s probably not a current or future WWE Hall of Famer like that trio, at least Matt Morgan doesn’t have to worry about putting both his kayfabe and legal name on his posters!

The former TNA tag champ announced yesterday (Aug. 25) he’s running for the Florida office of Longwood City Commissioner, District 4. He’s even co-opting a CM Punk slogan for his run!

Jokes aside, Morgan’s lived in the area for almost a decade and it sounds like he wants to make a difference for his family and others there. If this is your voting district, give Matt and his campaign a look.

Here’s his press release, courtesy of PWInsider:

Matt Morgan, former Pro Wrestler, Announces Candidacy for Longwood City Commissioner

AUGUST 25, 2017

Longwood, FL - Matt Morgan, a former professional wrestler, has announced his campaign for Longwood City Commissioner, District 4.

“As a candidate for Longwood City Commissioner, I am committed to build upon Longwood’s rich history.”

“I have never been the type to sit back and ‘armchair quarterback’ or just complain about things. I am the type that goes out and gets things done. I feel it's my duty to step up and finally start DOING what needs to be done here for my fellow neighbors in this beautiful city.”

Following his wrestling career, Matt challenged himself to continue to be a positive influence on the people around him. He is currently a spokesperson for Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD) and the Drug Abuse Resistance Program (D.A.R.E.).

“I want to do everything possible to make this city a place my three-year-old autistic son can take pride in. I hope that one day he decides to raise his family here as well. I decided it's time to start doing. It's time to be the voice for the voiceless here in the city of Longwood.”

Eight years ago Matt Morgan settled in Seminole County with his wife Larissa and their 3 year old son Jackson. Matt is committed to see Longwood continue to be the best place in Central Florida to raise a family.

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