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Tope 10: Lucha Underground (Aug. 23, 2017)

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Each and every episode of Lucha Underground features maneuvers, quotes, outfits, props, scenes, and stories that deserve recognition. That is where the Tope 10 comes in. This list shows appreciation for the moments that are more exciting than a flying tope.

If you are new to the Lucha Underground scene, you can catch it Wednesdays at 8pm ET/PT on the El Rey Network, buy all episodes to date from the first three seasons on iTunes and Amazon, or watch seasons one and two on Netflix. See if El Rey is available in your area.

If you haven't had a chance to watch this week's episode yet, check out the preview along with the recap and reactions.

-100. Camera production

Normally, the Tope 10 is all about celebrating the cool moments of each episode. Excuse me while we have a slight detour.

In spot negative 100 is the camera production. I don't know the proper terminology, so production might not be the right word.

I was not feeling the camerawork for this episode. The focus was gimmicky and not on the wrestling. There were too many extreme closeups, angle switches in the middle of moves, and crowd shots. It made it hard to get into the flow of the bout, especially when I couldn't observe the whole picture. Sometimes one wrestler was doing something and he wasn't even in the screen. The frequency of quick camera cuts made me a little dizzy. And no offense to the Believers, but I don't need to see your faces after every move. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy a dramatic reaction shot, but it was way overdone in this episode.

I can appreciate Lucha Underground trying something new, but this was not the time for it. Two epic contests were scheduled, and they made it look all weird. If I had my druthers, I would ask them to release the matches re-edited with standard camera angles.

What do you think? Did you enjoy the production during matches? Did it hinder your viewing experience? Did you even notice any deviations from the norm? Please discuss in the comments. I'm curious to know if others agree or if it is a case of an old man yelling at clouds.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled program.

10. "Nobody likes THAT guy that rings the bell."

When Johnny Mundo grabbed his championship belt for nefarious purposes, Matt Striker delivered that line as if it were fact. The disdain in Striker's tone has left me with so many questions. Who is that guy? Why doesn't anybody like him? Does he smell bad? I need more information on this detestable soul.

9. "Hit him right in the nuts."

Lucha Underground on El Rey Network

Nut shots make me laugh, as does Vampiro's straight forward commentary style. He calls it like he sees it. No finessing for the sake of the FCC.

8. Dipsy doo entrance roo

Lucha Underground on El Rey Network

Prince Puma is so smooth. When entering the ring for the Cueto Cup final, Puma did a rope-assisted flip twirl spin over the top rope. Dude has panache. He's the John Shaft of luchadores. I expect Puma to start wrestling in turtlenecks soon.

7. View from above

Earlier, I criticized the camera production. Well, this shot was kind of neat. Hopefully, these effects will be in moderation next week.

6. "Oh my god. They're dead!"

That was Vampiro's reaction to back-to-back Canadian Destroyers. Good stuff. Both the maneuvers and the line.

5. 630 for the win

The Cueto Cup is in the books. Prince Puma reigned supreme. He'll be facing Johnny Mundo at Ultima Lucha Tres. If season three is the end of Lucha Underground, then it is fitting that the first main event will be the same as the last. I hope the story aspects are minimized and these two are allowed to put on a show as only they can.

They had a shot of Pentagon DARK walking away from the ring after the loss. It made me think of the sad walk in Arrested Development. Poor Pentagon. Perennial loser in the big match.

4. No interference or you're fired

Heading into the episode, I was worried there would be a hodgepodge of interference for the Lucha Underground championship main event. I understand shenanigans are a part of modern wrestling, but sometimes enough is enough. Give me a one-on-one duel to see who is the better luchador.

Thankfully, Dario Cueto banned everyone from ringside with the threat of unemployment if anyone gets involved. I cheered for that decision. It fired me up for the big fight. That is why Dario is my homeboy.

3. Surprise, surprise

Lucha Underground did a great job of setting up the finish for Johnny Mundo vs Rey Mysterio. I was sold that we would get a one-on-one match after the scene in Dario Cueto's office. Mundo being sneaky was no shocker, but Dominic saving the day was unexpected. Then Dario breaking the count threw me off guard again. Whether the bursts of interference were good booking can be debated. If they were dead set on a screwy finish, at least it was entertaining and genuinely caught me by surprise.

If you feel bummed by the tomfoolery, here's Dario receiving the 619. May that brighten your mood.

2. High flying gutbuster

Brutal. Nice innovation by Johnny Mundo. That isn't a move used frequently. I could feel Rey's pain. I'm surprised his white pants didn't turn brown.

1. Look at the cojones on Dario

Lucha Underground on El Rey Network

After rudely interrupting a three count to crown Rey Mysterio as champ, Dario was talking major junk. He is the king of the Temple. Then, SMACK! Five fingers to the face. I popped hard for that. I always enjoy displays of chutzpah in the wrestling ring.

What got into Dario Cueto? Was he coked out of his gourd? Dario's not necessarily opposed to physical confrontations, but he also recognizes when someone can kick his ass. It seems likely that Rey will fight Matanza at Ultima Lucha Tres, and I’ll be all aboard that train. Choo choo!

Catching up on last week’s poll, 39% of 64 votes most wanted to see Rey Mysterio vs Pentagon DARK as the Ultima Lucha Tres main event. 33% were hoping for Johnny Mundo vs Pentagon. 16% wanted a rematch between Rey Mysterio and Prince Puma, while only 13% desired the matchup that we will end up getting, Johnny Mundo vs Prince Puma. It is interesting that 72% wanted Pentagon but were let down once again.

How does this week's Tope 10 stack up to your list? Any favorites not included? If you were late to the viewing party, feel free to share your thoughts about anything in the episode.

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I’ll leave you with the fighting spirit of Mil Muertes, sponsored by Modelo.

Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!


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