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Lucha Underground recap & reactions (Aug. 23, 2017): Cueto Cup Finals!

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Lucha Underground returned tonight (Aug. 23) with a big championship match and the finals of the Cueto Cup. Here’s what happened and what we learned.

What Happened:

Sexy Star vs. Veneno in a mask vs. mask match ended in a no contest.

The match was in its very early stages when Joey Ryan ran in and took the mask off of Veneno (Cortez Castro) himself. Castro and Ryan brawled outside the ring. Ryan landed a low blow and ran with off the mask.

What We’ve Yet to Learn:

  • What this means for the future of Cortez Castro. This set up feels like they are going to have a match at Ultima Lucha Tres. However, the way that Dario Cueto was talking about it, it felt like Castro should be fearing for his life if unmasked. This being Lucha Underground, both are possible.

What Happened:

Dario was sitting in his office when the room started shaking... and Johnny Mundo walked in! He had his manager, Benjamin Cook, behind him, who said it’s clear Dario doesn’t value his client. Mundo said that last week, Cueto let the locker room run wild and he could have been seriously injured. He told El Jefe he’s a hot commodity and can take the title anywhere.

To appease Johnny, Dario said that everyone is banned from ringside tonight and they will be fired if they interfere. But that also applies to the Worldwide Underground. Johnny wasn’t happy about that, but he acquiesced to it. Cook said that if anything causes Johnny to lose unfairly, he’s taking that title with him to another promotion.

What We Learned:

  • The Earth shakes when Johnny walks in the room! But of course it does. He’s Johnny frickin’ Mundo. He’s the mayor of Slamtown. No doubt the Earth moves under his feet. (No word on whether or not the skies come crumbling down as well.)
  • He’s not lying. Tomorrow night, Johnny is showing up on GFW Impact. So Dario should take him seriously. Mundo is a hot commodity and Cueto can’t take his threats lightly. Or else we’ll be getting Johnny Impact vs. EC3 for the Lucha Underground title. Dario wouldn’t like that. Partially because the name Johnny Impact is ridiculous.

What Happened:

Prince Puma def. Pentagon Dark with a 630 to win the Cueto Cup.

Afterwards, Dario presented Puma with the Cueto Cup. The crowd was kind of booing the Prince.

What We Learned:

  • This match ruled. These guys went to war. You know a match is big time when dudes exchange Canadian Destroyers. Back to back Destroyers. It was one of rare times in LU that both guys were down for almost a 10 count. If you’re exchanging Destroyers, it’s a big f’n deal.
  • Vampiro was pleased. He called the match without much bias, but he gave Puma the nod prior to the finish of the match. And then he held up the hand of the victor as Prince Puma mocked Pentagon’s hand gesture. That’s sign enough that Puma is darker now. He was never one to mock someone. Now he’s rubbing in his victory.
  • This crowd really loves Pentagon. I’m like Manolo. I don’t get it. He’s a true heel and even though he’s cool, given his actions, I want to boo him. But the majority of the cheers in this match was for Pentagon. And the crowd actually booed Puma a bit when he got the Cup. Not that that’s a bad thing. He’s kind of a heel now. It’s just weird.

What Happened:

Johnny Mundo def. Rey Mysterio to retain the Lucha Underground title.

Things got crazy at the end. Referee Marty Elias took a bump to the floor and Johnny Mundo used that opportunity to kick Mysterio in the balls. He was about to use the title on Rey when Rey’s son Dominic ran in, took the title, and took down Johnny. This allowed Mysterio to take control, hit the 619, a splash, and go for the pin.

But then, out came Dario Cueto, who pulled the referee out before he could count three. He jawed with Mysterio, and then punched him. Obviously, Rey was furious. He set up Dario for the 619 and hit El Jefe with it. However, in the commotion, Johnny grabbed the title, nailed Rey with it, delivered the End of the World, and retained his title.

What We Learned:

  • Benjamin Cook paid HUGE dividends tonight. To the point we should all try to hire him (but probably can’t afford him). He put the fear of Johnny leaving with the title in the mind of the boss and Dario interjected himself to make sure that the Dominic interference didn’t cost Johnny the title. He even took a 619 because of it.
  • Johnny doesn’t need the Worldwide Underground to be a huge ass. He can cheat on his own too. Though he would have lost if Dario didn’t get involved. Then again, that’s what Ben Cook is for. Mundo has all of his bases covered.
  • It’ll be Prince Puma vs. Johnny Mundo for the Lucha Underground title at Ultima Lucha Tres. I was actually hoping for the Puma/Mysterio rematch, but this works too. These two had a big All Night Long match in season 1. AND it was the first ever main event ever for the promotion so there’s enough history there. And both guys were true blue babyfaces then. Now both are much darker. That itself is an interesting wrinkle to the rematch. And they have two months to build on that.

My match of the night: Prince Puma vs. Pentagon Dark

It was just a barn burner. Again, two Canadian Destroyers. Two! What else can I say?

My non-match segment of the night: Benjamin Cook pays off

Of course, this was also the only non-match segment, but it was still good. Remember, the Earth shook when Johnny walked in and they played some rad background guitar music at the same time. And it fed into the main event with the masterful maneuver by Johnny and his representation.


This was a big time episode. I could have done without that Sexy Star/Cortez Castro segment so it was just the two matches and the backstage stuff that paid into it, but that’s a nitpick.

The matches lived up and now we’re on the road to Ultima Lucha Tres. Strap in.

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