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NXT TakeOver Brooklyn III results: Drew McIntrye defeats Bobby Roode to become NXT champion


The main event of tonight’s (Aug. 19) TakeOver: Brooklyn III was an NXT title bout between champion Bobby Roode and challenger Drew McIntyre.

It was a fight billed as a battle for the soul of NXT. Bobby Roode has claimed NXT would be molded in his image since day one. Drew scoffed at that, claiming that NXT belongs to everyone and the Glorious One acts entitled. So who represents the spirit of the brand?

Let’s just say it’s a new day in NXT.

It was apparent early on that McIntryre had the size and intensity edge. And outside a failed attempt at the Glorious DDT, the beginning of the match was all Drew, controlling the champion inside the ring and out.

But Roode is crafty. There’s a reason he’s the undefeated champion. He landed a neck breaker on the rope to the challenger and started working over McIntyre’s head and neck.

Drew endured some punishment, but of course he fought back. They would exchange blows and momentum until McIntryre hit his Future Shock DDT. But the champ kicked out. The fight would continue.

After a slugfest in the middle of the ring, Drew hit his Claymore kick finisher. Unfortunately for him, Roode got his foot up on the rope to prevent defeat. Bobby rolled out of the ring to take a breather but McIntyre hit a tope con giro onto the champ!

However, by the time Drew got Roode back in the ring, the champ was ready to fight again. An exchange of moves led to a Glorious DDT. But McIntyre kicked out!

Then Roode hit a second which he tries to chain into the third... but the challenger delivered a headbutt! And a Claymore! 1-2-3!

NXT belongs to McIntyre... for now.

Find all the results at the live blog here.

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