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Jim Cornette returns to Impact, fires Bruce Prichard


Late yesterday, reports started making the rounds that Jim Cornette was in talks with Global Force Wrestling about a possible role with the company. Then, earlier today, reports made the rounds that he was backstage at the latest tapings.

It wasn’t much of a surprise, then, when he showed up on television.

It started with Bruce Prichard arriving with the GFW championship to read a prepared statement. Said statement was an announcement that Alberto El Patron was stripped of the title and the championship would be reverted back to Bobby Lashley.

Enter Cornette.

He revealed Anthem gave him a call to help with some decision making. Prichard tried to kick him out of the ring but Cornette revealed he was fired and security escorted him out of the ring.

“This is not the last you’re going to see of me, I guarantee that,” Prichard remarked before leaving.

Cornette cut something of a worked shoot promo, saying El Patron didn’t relinquish the title he was stripped of it and there’s going to be a new culture in GFW, one that mandates everyone earns their spot and no big stars will come in for a “vacation” and be shot to the top immediately. Then he announced a 20-man gauntlet match to crown the next Global Force champion.

Cornette was last with TNA back in 2009, when he was fired by Dixie Carter after becoming frustrated working with Vince Russo. He’s maintained a good relationship with Jeff Jarrett, however, so this should really come as no surprise.

They’re never really out in the wrestling business, are they?

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