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Brandi Rhodes explains why she left GFW

Brandi Rhodes

It wasn’t long ago that reports made the rounds that Brandi Rhodes left GFW over a dispute with her contract. The rumor was that the company wanted a cut of projects she was doing outside of wrestling.

In an interview with CBS Radio, she explained the situation:

“Unfortunately, that story is kind of a mess. There are some valid statements that I’ve seen, but it’s really not as dramatic as people want it to be. Basically, Cody and I were very candid with what we were doing after WWE as far as contracts go. People are confused. I never signed the contract that people think I signed with Global Force stating that they got percentages.

“What I did sign was a tentative contract with Impact Wrestling when they were still Impact. That contract had a clause for me, because I was already working on some stuff in other areas of television. That clause basically said that if something else in television were to happen for me, they can’t be uncooperative. And if they were uncooperative, we would be able to part ways. And that is honestly what happened. So, I am filming something awesome in Atlanta, but I can’t say what it is.


“So, when Impact changed over, I spoke with them about different things that I needed to do regarding the show… But there was a lot of buck-back. I just said, ‘Okay guys, I just want to exercise this clause and move on. No harm, no foul.’ They completely understood, and that’s what happened. It’s not a grudge story, nobody is angry, nothing like that. They did not have the ability to take 10 percent of my revenue for anything at all. That is not true. They did not try to take 10 percent of anything. They just were not cooperative with some filming things, and this company is the one I’m under contract with, so they won.”

Seems simple enough!

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