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New Japan G1 Climax 27 live results for Tuesday, Aug. 1: Tanahashi vs. Ibushi, Goto vs. Naito, and more

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It’s that time of year again, and New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW)'s G1 Climax tournament is back to ruin sleep schedules all over the globe!

This year's version, the 27th annual, will feature 20 men competing across 19 dates for a spot in the finals August 13. Each show will be broadcast worldwide on New Japan's streaming service, NJPW World.

We'll have open threads & results for each show as well as the standard match recommendation posts at regular intervals throughout the tournament, so why not watch along with the best pro wrestling community on the internet?

Today’s action takes place in Kagoshima's Kagoshima Arena, kicking off at a ripe 5:30AM Eastern / 2:30AM Pacific, and it's all about A Block, one of two groupings whose winner will go on to a spot in the finals.

Here are our current standings for A Block going into tonight’s show, broken down by point totals first and their tournament record in parentheses after—


  • Hiroshi Tanahashi (4-1)


  • Bad Luck Fale (3-2)
  • Hirooki Goto (3-2)
  • Tetsuya Naito (3-2)
  • Tomohiro Ishii (3-2)
  • Togi Makabe (3-2)
  • Zack Sabre, Jr. (3-2)


  • Kota Ibushi (2-3)


  • YOSHI-HASHI (1-4)


  • Yuji Nagata (0-5)

YOSHI-HASHI over Bad Luck Fale

Zack Sabre, Jr. over Togi Makabe

Tomohiro Ishii over Yuji Nagata

Tetsuya Naito over Hirooki Goto

Kota Ibushi over Hiroshi Tanahashi

Enjoy the show!

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