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Odds say Brock Lesnar will face, but won’t beat, Jon Jones in UFC superfight

Even as UFC President Dana White and the rules of the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) remind us a fight between Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones and former Heavyweight, and current WWE Universal titleholder, Brock Lesnar isn’t happening “anytime soon”, it’s clearly an idea that’s got a lot of fans excited.

And where there’s excited fans, there’s action.

Sports books like Bovada know this. That’s why we have some lines on a prospective Lesnar/Jones bout without Brock even coming out of retirement (something he’ll have to do in order to re-enter the testing pool and start the clock again on his USADA suspension).

First, will the fight happen before next July 25th? “Yes” is favored on that question:

Will Jon Jones face Brock Lesnar in the UFC before July 15, 2018?

Yes -160 (5/8)
No +120 (6/5)

Then, if they face each other before that date, who’s the favorite? Not completely unsurprisingly, the guy who is currently active, just turned 30 and has fought more than once in the last five years...

Jon Jones vs Brock Lesnar

Jon Jones -350 (2/7)
Brock Lesnar +265 (53/20)
***Must Fight before July 15 2018 for Action

Place your bets, Cagesiders.

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