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Lucha Underground season 4 renewal ‘looks good,’ per El Rey Network Chief Creative Officer

Lucha Underground

Lucha Underground is in the midst of its third season on the El Rey Network but there’s nearly as much talk about the prospect of a fourth season as the actual product on the TV. To that end, El Rey Network’s Chief Creative Officer, Skip Chaisson, told the future looks good they just need to figure out where an upcoming season would fit in the schedule.

The show may not have the best ratings but it definitely has support from its creators and the network.

As Chaisson told our friend Matt Fowler:

"I can't emphasize enough just how giving the wrestlers are and just working with Eric [Van Wagenen, EP] and Chris [DeJoseph, Co-EP] - it's just so much fun. It's really tough to shoot, but everybody just gives so much because, for the wrestlers, it's a different thing for them. Because they are wonderful stage performers but here they get to do stuff they don't normally get to do, and extend the story and the character. They get to film really cool fight scenes and some have effects. It's like play time. It's long like any shoot, but it's really fun. The wrestlers give 150%." The whole experience is just an awesome amalgam. Everybody really likes it and we can't wait to get back into it."

Lucha Underground has been a success artistically but whether that aligns with business interests is a different story. We’ll have to stay tuned to see how long the promotion can continue on this path. It’s better for pro wrestling if it succeeds.

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