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It’s too soon for another Superstar Shake-Up in WWE

Friday’s Rude Awakening looks at a potential Superstar Shake-Up, BRAAAAAAUUUUN’s new shirt, and bad news about WWE Network subs.

The last Superstar Shake-Up in WWE was right after WrestleMania 33. It was also the first Superstar Shake-Up, and no one had any ideas what the rules were either heading into it or during. That was only a few months ago: the first Shake-Up was in April, and we’re not even quite into August yet. Despite this, there is a rumor going around that WWE is planning another Superstar Shake-Up after SummerSlam, and here’s hoping that’s one rumor that turns out to be false.

There is already a counter rumor to that, at least, found in Friday’s Rumor Roundup, that says WWE won’t hold the next Shake-Up until after WrestleMania 34. That’s the better plan, really, given it’s been only a few months since the last one. WWE has barely scratched the surface of the stories it can tell on RAW or SmackDown with the new rosters. There’s no shortage of star power on either brand right now: the issue is in how the stars they do have are being used.

Heading into the first Superstar Shake-Up, RAW was loaded with talent, but it was also written poorly and many fans preferred SmackDown. Following the most recent Shake-Up, it’s RAW getting all the (deserved) credit for story telling, while SmackDown has at times felt like it’s enacting revenge against anyone who enjoyed it. It has nothing to do with the talent and everything to do with how that talent is being utilized. Look at RAW’s main event, for instance: that’s helped carry the show for months even when the stories weren’t of the quality they are now, and all four of Roman Reigns, Samoa Joe, Brock Lesnar, and Braun Strowman were already on Mondays before the Shake-Up.

RAW has something good going now that could continue through WrestleMania 34. SmackDown needs help, but they need it in creative, not by juggling talent. There’s still so much potential in the two rosters as is, and airing another Shake-Up just to bump up ratings for two days is a shortsighted solution. If RAW and SmackDown aren’t going to give the wrestlers who bounce around fulfilling stories or enjoyable television time, fans won’t really care about who is on what show at all.

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