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GFW Impact Preview (July 27, 2017): Davey’s last days


GFW Impact returns tonight (July 27) from the Impact Zone in Orlando. This is the fourth episode from their last set of tapings. As per usual, here are our five questions about Impact tonight.

1) Will the women’s title match be overbooked?

The prospect of a Last Knockout Standing women’s title match between champion Sienna and challenger Rosemary is quite exciting. Both women are doing great work and this match should give them plenty of time to show off.

However, it’s not unreasonable to look at the segment that set up this match and wonder if it’s going to be completely overbooked. That segment started with Sienna, then brought in Karen Jarrett, Allie, Laurel Van Ness, Rosemary, and Gail Kim (in that order). And you could argue that the two biggest focuses of that segment were Karen and Gail, who aren’t even in the match tonight.

The first bout between Sienna and Rosemary at Slammiversary was overbooked as well, involving Laurel and Allie. And that was just a regular match. Tonight is no DQ and opens itself up to plenty of interference. In fact I’d be surprised if there isn’t a bunch of interference tonight. I just hope it’s not the focus of the match.

2) Has Alberto sealed his fate?

Last week, Konnan and LAX abducted Alberto El Patron’s family to try to coerce him into joining their ranks. Konnan made it clear that he didn’t need Alberto as a friend. He just wanted a soldier to follow orders.

To get his family (father and brother) out of the ring to safety, Alberto agreed to join and even donned an LAX shirt. But when his father and brother were clear, he fired up and attacked all of LAX. Alberto stood tall, but was that the dumbest mistake?

Tonight, Alberto will face all of LAX in a match. We don’t know if he made the challenge because he’s a bit of a hot head or if it’s somehow a consequence of last week. But his back will be against the wall here. It’s unclear if he’ll be facing just Santana and Ortiz (and that would be enough) or if Homicide or Diamante will be involved as well. But the odds don’t like good for El Patron.

3) Is this Davey Richards last hurrah?

Davey Richards announced he’ll be leaving GFW to further pursue a career as a doctor. Because of that, this will be his last taping.

Richards is slated to be in the Super X Cup tournament and has a first round match tonight against Pro Wrestling NOAH’s Taiji Ishimori. Now, they’ve filmed up to their Destination X special, which will feature the finals of this tournament. So just because Davey is on his way out, doesn’t mean he loses tonight. he could lose in the semis. (Or it’s even possible that he can sign for a single appearance if they want him in the finals, but I doubt it.)

So the finish of this match is still up in the air, and either way, it should be a fun one.

4) Why do people keep wanting to call out Bruce Pritchard?

Last week, Matt Sydal called out Bruce Pritchard to request an X Division title shot. Bruce was a dick about it. During that segment, Bobby Lashley interrupted to demand a heavyweight title shot (and also made sure to get a spear in on Sydal while he was at it).

Now, it’s Lashley who wants to call out Pritchard, presumably because he wants Bruce to be a dick to him as well. (Or to continue requesting his title shot.)

Why people insist on calling out Bruce Pritchard is beyond me. It makes no sense and if it continues, I’m going to have no choice but to call out Bruce Pritchard.

5) Are there big things ahead for Eli Drake?

Last week, Eli Drake won a fatal 4-way, defeating EC3, Moose, and Eddie Edwards. While there was nothing on the line in that match, it’s a pretty big win for Drake. Eddie and EC3 have both been Impact world champion. Moose is current Grand Champion. It’s definitely a step up from trying to get the Swole-Mates over or build up to a D’Angelo Williams match.

Most likely, this will lead to an Eddie/Eli feud since Edwards is the man Drake pinned to win. But even that is better than hanging around with Chris Adonis and sharing the screen with the Swole Mates. Hopefully, this is Drake’s start to climbing to the higher end of the card.

GFW Impact airs tonight at 8 EST on Pop TV. Who’s watching?

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