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Matt and Reby Hardy tweet about GFW and Ed Nordholm


Reby Hardy went on the offensive once again today regarding the ongoing beef between Global Force Wrestling (GFW) and the Hardys. Specifically how Jeff Jarrett spends Kurt Angle’s alimony, among other things.

Global Force Wrestling have fired back with Ed Nordholm’s interview where he categorically states his company owns the “Broken Brilliance” intellectual property, that Matt Hardy didn’t fund any television production for Impact last year, there’s never been an agreement to transfer IP rights to the Hardys and that Matt demanded an additional $100K at the last minute during negotiations to remain with the then-TNA earlier this year.

Naturally, Reby responded a short time later...

And - UPDATE - Matt followed up a little later:

We're now at day 149 of the Hardys-GFW standoff with no clear end in sight, despite Nordholm’s comments today.

How do you feel about this latest development, Cagesiders?

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