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DNP: Reby Hardy tweets about GFW and (TKTK)


Reby Hardy went on the offensive once again today regarding the ongoing beef between Global Force Wrestling (GFW) and the Hardys. Specifically (this time) how Jeff Jarrett TKTK (fill in the latest unscrupulous action by this owl company - i hate this shit, I wish Eva Marie would come back — or better yet, Anthem, just settle already!).

In response Global Force Wrestling have refuted those claims by saying (insert another inane "legal claim" here that doesn't make any fucking sense). At time of press the Hardy clan have yet to respond but we’ll update this post when they do. (because omg they are going to...)

We're now at day (what is it now? 149? 150?) of the Hardys-GFW standoff with no clear end in sight (I wish).

How do you feel about this latest development, Cagesiders?

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