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Vampiro better watch his back for a hot turd attack

Find out what caused Taya and Johnny Mundo's Pomeranian to tweet steaming threats.

Sometimes drama behind the scenes is more intriguing than what we see on camera. Case in point, Taya recently being stripped of her Reina de Reinas (Queen of Queens) championship in AAA. The focal point of anger is toward AAA's Director of Talent, Vampiro. This led to Taya and Johnny Mundo's Pomeranian pooch spouting off with a blatant display of tweet-ticular fortitude. What are the details behind this furry's fury, you ask?

For those unfamiliar, here's a brief recap as best I can tell. I’m basing this on rumors and tweets, so the information may not be 100% accurate.

It turns out that Verano de Escándalo (Summer of Scandal) isn't just a tagline in AAA. Apparently, AAA asked Taya's fiancé Johnny Mundo (current triple champ in AAA with the Mega Championship, Latin American Championship, and World Cruiserweight Championship) to bring Taya's championship belt to a show so promotional pictures could be shot. The belt was never returned.

At a recent AAA show, Vampiro announced that the title was vacated due to Taya using an illegal chokehold to win a no DQ match against Ayako Hamada, which was two months ago. Later on, AAA propaganda stated she no-showed an event, but it seems that Taya was never booked to appear at said show. All of this chicanery went down unbeknownst to Taya.

Needless to say, Taya didn't take too kindly to this news and aired grievances on Twitter. Johnny Mundo followed suit with a much harsher tone toward Vampiro.

The king and queen of lucha royalty said their piece, however, the prince wasn’t to be left out. Prince Presley to be exact. He is the Pomeranian belonging to Taya and Mundo. First, Prince Presley petitioned for the aid of AAA associate Kevin Kross.

With Kross on board, the plan was set to begin.

Turds wouldn’t have been my first choice, but I can’t fault the dog’s logic.

After preparing the packaging, Pomeranian troops rallied for their brother as backup.

That’s a gang I would not want to mess with. Vampiro better keep his head on a swivel.

You might be questioning if a write-up of Prince Presley’s shit talking was really necessary. Well, when you’re asking a man that owns DVDs of an insult comic dog with the catchphrase, “For me to poop on,” and Christmas cheer freebasing Anipals, the answer is a resounding, “Yes!”

Joking aside, let’s assess the ramifications of the Reina de Reinas drama. Who benefited most? The new champion, Sexy Star. The suspected reason for this situation is that Sexy Star receiving a title run upon return was part of the negotiations to bring her back from retirement. The irony is that Sexy Star was rumored to have retired in the first place due to not having any desire to lose her mixed tag titles held with Pentagon Jr. So, she quit instead. With the rivalry between Taya and Sexy Star heating up in Lucha Underground, it will be interesting to see if there was any bad blood during those tapings that may have crossed over into real life.

There is also the question of what will become of AAA’s relationship with triple champ Johnny Mundo. Will they try to screw him too? Will Mundo screw them by bailing out? Or will cooler heads prevail with Mundo taking a big role in the upcoming Triplemania? Mundo is advertised to appear for the final TV taping (7/27) before Triplemania. That may shed some light on the future.

Another interesting tidbit was that Taya, Johnny Mundo, and Vampiro were all at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday to promote Lucha Underground. As of this writing, no gossip has emerged yet. The only item to report is one of Taya’s tweets, which might not even be related to Vampiro.

We, as fans who don’t know all the information, must remember it might not be entirely fair to jump on Vampiro’s back. It could be a different story for those that have direct dealings with him. The always excellent Luchablog uses rational logic to reason that Vampiro is likely just the messenger, who happened to deliver the news poorly, instead of the mastermind perpe-traitor. Or perhaps this whole fiasco was an elaborate scheme to audition as Two-Face for the next Batman project.

So, what have we learned? Here are my final takeaways. This could just be a case of newfound hair going to Vampiro’s head. With great hair comes great responsibility.

And, don’t underestimate the size of the dog in the fight. It’s the size of the fight in the dog that matters. When Prince Presley is on the prowl, beware.

Shout out to Kyle Decker, whose link in the Lucha Underground recap and results to Konnan's Twitter reply about Vampiro sent me down this rabbit hole.

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