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Jim Cornette hates Kenny Omega, loves attention

Kenny Omega is in the headlines for New Japan as the winner of their new IWGP United States title and as he attempts to make history again in G1 Climax (in 2016 he was the first gaijin, or non-Japanese, wrestler to ever win the prestigious tournament).

Plus, Vince Russo’s been quiet lately.

So Jim Cornette conveniently remembered how mad Omega’s past as a comedy worker makes him.

Well, a fan did ask the legendary manager/promoter/booker why he hates Kenny, so his Twitter tirade from earlier today (July 20) wasn’t totally out of the blue. And all of his Tweets are reply/re-Tweets of arguments fans pose to him, so he’s got the age old cover that he was “working the marks”.

But even for a something that starts off with a mention of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, things get out-of-hand...

When a fan asked why he tagged Omega in his Tweet (relevant later), Corny explains:

It wasn’t all about The Cleaner. Someone brought his Elite buddies, and frequent Cornette targets The Young Bucks into the convo (with a dumb insult), so they got some, too...

And Dave Meltzer was coincidentally talking up a past Omega partner, Kota Ibushi, so Dahmer was joined by none other than Adolf Hitler as a Cornette analogy!

Kenny himself tipped his hat to Jim the Worker, but asked a favor:

But would not be responded to in the same respectful tone:

Mission accomplished, as Cornette’s got us talking about him and at least some people who disagree with him pissed off!

Matt Jackson is sarcastically impressed:

There’s lots more in his timeline, if you’re interested. I’m sure he’d love a follow.

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