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If Brock Lesnar leaves WWE as rumored, WWE should be just fine

Thursday’s Rude Awakening looks at life without Brock, a TakeOver main event, and Rusev being Twitter Champion.

Brock Lesnar is great for WWE. You might be tired of him doing similar things in his matches — they really took the “suplex” and “repeat” parts of his t-shirts seriously these past few years — but he’s a legitimate main event star.

The problem is that WWE has seemingly run out of ideas for Brock. Goldberg defeated him at Survivor Series, and that was fresh, but eventually lost the feud to Lesnar in the end at WrestleMania 33. Randy Orton and Samoa Joe made Lesnar feel pain, and maybe even made him a little desperate, but in the end, he defeated each of them. Seth Rollins was no competition at all, and neither was Dean Ambrose. John Cena, WWE’s pride and joy, kicked off this era of Lesnar by getting absolutely wrecked.

Roman Reigns is the only question mark out there for Brock, as, if not for Rollins, it’s possible Roman was going to be the first wrestler in a long time to take a full-on beating from Brock and not let it stop him. And that’s why, when rumors start to swirl that Lesnar won’t be renewing his WWE deal after WrestleMania 34, the general reaction should be calm.

Not having Lesnar around is disappointing only in the sense that we won’t see him anymore, but if there’s nothing new and exciting for him to besides lose to Reigns — which, love or hate Reigns, it’s going to be damn exciting to watch — then it’s not a huge loss for fans.

If anything, losing Lesnar, who has been such a final boss for WWE for a while now, a guy who mostly puts talent over by not completely dominating them from bell to bell, will help the company put new talent into the main event, and maybe stop perpetrating the idea that there is this hierarchy where part-time performers are the only real challenges of the promotion.

Lesnar matches are a lot of fun — this writer right here is looking forward to whatever Brock Lesnar match-up we get at SummerSlam after Reigns, Joe, and Braun Strowman sort things out. If we’re nearing the end of his WWE story, though, there’s no need to force a sequel. Let Lesnar walk. Let him return someday when it’s nearing Hall of Fame time and everything he does feels as fresh as it does menacing.

WWE should benefit from the freedom losing Lesnar gives them. And if they don’t, that’s going to be much more on them than it is on Lesnar exiting.

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