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If Jason Jordan is Kurt Angle’s son, who is attacking Breezango on SmackDown?

Tuesday’s Rude Awakening wonders where not one, but two stories are going after learning of Kurt Angle’s life-changing secret.

Jason Jordan is Kurt Angle’s son. That was the reveal on this week’s RAW, where Angle got ahead of the people threatening to ruin his life by sharing his secret with his family and the world before anyone else could. Now, whether that story ends up being successful or a failure or something in between is not of particular concern to us this morning. Not when there’s an open and ongoing investigation on SmackDown that probably just lost another pair of suspects because of Angle’s honesty.

You see, Tyler Breeze and Fandango, the Fashion Police, have been searching for the tag team that wrecked their office and attacked Breezy for weeks and weeks now. They have, one at a time, eliminated every tag team on SmackDown from suspicion, beginning with the Colons and most recently clearing the Hype Bros. name. The Usos weren’t responsible, New Day are faces who went to the Fashion Police for help before they took on the Usos, the Ascension just wanted to wrestle on a pay-per-view... all of this pointed to American Alpha returning to television as a heel tag team to see if that would work out where their face run had failed.

The problem now is that Jordan is on RAW, and Chad Gable has been performing as a plucky face on the blue brand in recent weeks. So, with that duo split up, we’re left with three possibilities: a team the Fashion Police cleared of suspicion actually is the culprit but managed to weasel their way out of being caught, or, the Singh Brothers are going to get something to do outside of just being Jinder Mahal’s cronies, or, SmackDown is going to leave his unresolved and everyone who has been watching this fun story unfold for weeks is going to be disappointed.

If it’s the Singh Brothers responsible, at least the Fashion Police will likely win a feud, and maybe even get to sniff around the main event a little in order to try to equalize things for Randy Orton. If it’s a tag team who had previously been cleared of suspicion, well, we can’t say we’d be surprised: Breeze and Fandango aren’t the most thorough investigators around. If it’s WWE just giving up on something fun everyone has been enjoying because a last-minute decision was made for RAW with no regard for what SmackDown was doing then... man that sounds more plausible than I want to admit.

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