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Let’s speculate about Kurt Angle’s big secret

Monday’s Rude Awakening looks at what Kurt Angle’s big secret could be, Taya vs. AAA, and Rey Mysterio rumors.

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Kurt Angle is going to reveal his big secret on RAW this week. He said as much himself on last week’s episode of RAW, but we only got tiny hint as to what this secret could be. Hell, even Angle’s reminder of the announcement was confusing, as he shared it at 11:34 and said that we’d know what’s up 10 hours from then. At 9? At 10? At 9:30ish? When do we tune in, Kurt?!

From what Angle said himself last week, the secret — or, at least, someone who shares the secret with him — is someone he loves. Geno Mrosko hoped this didn’t mean a WWE appearance and storyline for former TNA head honcho Dixie Carter, but the rumors seem to suggest we don’t have to live in fear of that happening. If not some convoluted TNA/WWE story that merges Kurt’s pasts together, though, then what are we dealing with here?

There are two options that your friendly neighborhood Rude Awakening editorial writer sees here. The first sees this as a way to bring Stephanie McMahon back to RAW, possibly because she and Kurt have some kind of secret to share that involves the two of them, or as a result of whatever secret Kurt reveals, with Stephanie using The Shocking Truth as a way to get back in her father’s good graces and into the authority she once had back when she was pushing Mick Foley around on a weekly basis.

This would also, in turn, probably setup a Triple H vs. Kurt Angle bout somewhere down the line — maybe at SummerSlam, if WWE really is intent on making that show WrestleMania-sized.

The other, non-Stephanie-thank-God-there-isn’t-an-affair-angle idea is that Kurt Angle has a kid, and this kid is the secret. Or, at least, the kid’s parentage is a secret. This could actually be pretty cool whether we’re talking about a known wrestler or someone unknown who could be tied to Kurt somehow.

WWE has so many Performance Center talents and wrestlers confined to house shows that they could introduce someone new this way without any prior excitement about that performer, a la Braun Strowman with his Wyatt Family debut. Or, it could be a vehicle for a more known performer to get back in the spotlight with their connection to a WWE Hall of Famer the driving force.

We’ll known in about 10 hours which is the case. Or maybe nine hours? Help us out, Kurt.

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