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Rey Mysterio reportedly negotiating with WWE, GFW

If anyone was wondering who the next big name from the past WWE could bring back after Goldberg and Kurt Angle, or what splashy signing Global Force Wrestling (GFW) might try to make as Impact Wrestling continues its re-branding push, we might have a name for you.

According to’s Justin Barrasso (continuing a busy few days of breaking stories), both companies are talking to Rey Mysterio about a deal.

Barrasso says Mysterio’s contract with Lucha Underground, where he’s currently appearing on television in episodes of the El Rey Network show filmed last year, will expire 90 days after the third season stops airing in September.

He believes WWE may have the upper-hand in negotiations thanks to the Performance Center, where Rey’s son Dominic could continue to pursue his goal of entering the business (want to feel old? The kid who was at the center of the Eddie Guerrero/Mysterio 2005 “Who’s Your Papi?” feud is not only training to be a pro wrestler, he’s 6 foot tall and in college). But it sounds like both companies are pretty motivated to sign the Master of the 619 - WWE as the marketable Latino star they’ve failed to produce since Rey left and GFW to “move away from Alberto El Patron and generate some positive headlines”.

Lucha Underground re-signing him isn’t out of the question, but with no plans for a fourth season announced, that feels like a long-shot at this point.

Where do you think we’ll see Mysterio next, Cagesiders?

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