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Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman gave us the double turn we wanted

Monday’s Rude Awakening looks at Roman Reigns trying to murder Braun Strowman,

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Roman Reigns tried to murder Braun Strowman after their match at Great Balls of Fire. There isn’t really another way to describe what happened. Roman Reigns lost the Ambulance Match to Braun “I Watch Wrestling” Strowman when he dove right past him into the ambulance he was trying to avoid being thrown into. Reigns, still having plenty of hit points left because of the way he deked himself out en route to this L, hopped back out of the ambulance after and let his fists explain how furious he was with Braun.

Roman then loaded Braun up into the vehicle, got in the driver’s seat, sped off, and took a long, hard look in the mirror before deciding that yes, he was okay with making an attempt on Braun’s life to make this feud stop. Strowman has tried to seriously injure Roman outside of the ring on multiple occasions, but it was Reigns who upped the ante to this ridiculous degree. Roman tried to murder Braun Strowman via car crash, and because he’s Braun Strowman, it didn’t work.

Reigns has to be the heel now. Yes, Strowman has done plenty of terrible things to Roman before, but the idea was to make sure he wasn’t 100 percent for their next match-up. Roman lost to Braun, again, and rather than ask for yet another showdown, he took sore loser to an extreme where he was comfortable destroying Braun’s life.

That’s not to say Roman shouldn’t have done those things: this moment was incredible, and somehow managed to top all or almost all these two have done together in 2017. But Reigns is the heel now, and that idea got its exclamation point when Strowman emerged from the wreckage like a Stone Cold who had just been in a car crash instead of forced to pass out while bleeding by Bret Hart. This was a double turn, and RAW should move to emphasize that much on Monday’s episode.

Fans cheer Braun Strowman anyway, as he’s powerful, talented, and arguably the most aware that he’s on a wrestling show where certain rules and tropes apply. Reigns is most of those things, too, but he’s also been slowly descending from face to heel over the months. Reigns is a badass who does what he wants, and sometimes that makes him a face — other times, like, say, after he tries to murder a dude with an ambulance by driving it as fast as he can into a tractor trailer, it makes him a heel.

The only real question is whether WWE will further push this angle, or attempt to justify Roman’s actions somehow in a way that keeps him face. The latter would be a mistake, and that’s coming from someone who enjoyed Roman Reigns plenty before this ambulance thing.

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