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Chris Jericho revealed who actually created The List

Thursday’s Rude Awakening looks at the genesis of greatness, Impact in India, and Sasha Banks on the Great Balls of Fire logo.


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Chris Jericho has come up with plenty of variations on his character and catchphrases and stories on his own — he’s supposedly even the one behind the Money in the Bank ladder match concept. However, The List of Jericho was not his creation, even if he obviously made it into what it is today. Jericho revealed whose idea the list was on a recent radio spot with Rock 100.5 ATL, and it’s a surprise (transcription courtesy Wrestling Inc.):

"Working with this guys who's a writer in the WWE named Jimmy Jacobs. He used to be a [pro] wrestler. He came up to me one day and said, 'what if we do something where you put somebody on this list?' I'm like, 'I knew this guy once who had a list of people he didn't like.' I'm like, 'oh, that sounds funny.' So I said it and it kind of got a reaction." Jericho said, "the whole concept of The List went through the roof. The List is more popular than 85% of the guys on the show. The List is more popular than I am! And you just never know what's going to make an impression with fans."

It’s not that Jimmy Jacobs would have a good idea that’s surprising. It’s that we got to see which member of creative was the one responsible for a specific idea. All of that is usually left pretty vague and for fans to guess at, which is how we end up with suggestions that SmackDown is better than RAW because Vince McMahon doesn’t care about SmackDown, or concern erupts when Road Dogg is given a promotion in creative, and so on.

This whole process is a group effort, though, and credit belongs to Jimmy Jacobs both for the idea and realizing Jericho was the guy to give it to, and also to Jericho for turning it into a sensation that’s over with the crowd to the point you can buy a replica List on WWE’s shop.

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