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Eric Bischoff just closed the book on Vince Russo

Your mind is probably already made up on Vince Russo. He has his fans & supporters, but most wrestling fans tend to take the former WWE, WCW & TNA writer/producer, now a podcaster and web commentator, somewhere on a spectrum of sideshow attraction and “no thank you”.

Still, when you see a slam this good, you’ve got to recognize.

Eric Bischoff’s dislike of Russo is well documented. Shared enmity for the man brought Bischoff together with another rival, Jim Cornette, during their recent appearance on WWE Network’s Table For 3.

So it’s not surprising Easy E would put down his old WCW co-worker on Twitter. But when a follower presented him with the opportunity to comment on Russo criticizing WWE while simultaneously praising his own booking of Bash at the Beach 2000 (where Jeff Jarrett laid down for Hulk Hogan, who then cut a shoot promo on the company before leaving only for Russo to appear later to fire Hogan on-air), well... Bisch just gave us the definitive insult for his nemesis...

Yeah, not even a profanity-laced Cornette diatribe is gonna top that.

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