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Tope 10: Lucha Underground (May 31, 2017)

Each and every episode of Lucha Underground features maneuvers, quotes, outfits, props, scenes, and stories that deserve recognition. That is where the Tope 10 comes in. This list shows appreciation for the moments which are more exciting than a flying tope.

If you are new to the Lucha Underground scene, you can catch it Wednesdays at 8pm ET/PT on the El Rey Network, buy all episodes to date from the first three seasons on iTunes and Amazon, or watch seasons one and two on Netflix. See if El Rey is available in your area.

If you haven't had a chance to watch this week's episode yet, check out the preview with cool charts along with the recap and reactions.

10. Flying chingonsisimo

A little bit of humor from Johnny Mundo. He performed a springboard flying crossbody while yelling, "Chingonsisimo!" I believe it was the first time in the Temple that he did a move accompanied by a verbal taunt. That is an example of the goofy stuff he does to make me a fan.

9. Corner cannonball

With Johnny Mundo up 1-0, Mack had Mundo hurting in the corner. Mack charged full steam ahead for a running front flip senton. The thing that made this maneuver stand out was Mack floating in the air. He crashed down with heavy force to create an impactful sound. Kaboom!

8. Lex Luger yoga breaths

Matt Striker made an observation that Johnny Mundo took some quick breaths comparable to Lex Luger and bodybuilding. "Whew, whew, wh-whew. Could Johnny be getting gassed?" Vampiro dished out some very interesting information. Those deep, quick breaths are a yoga technique. "That is going into a personal trance. That is muscle control. A very effective combat technique in Gracie jiu-jitsu." I'm going to play off that line next time I'm gassed running after the ice cream truck.

I also enjoyed the opening analysis as the match began. They mentioned the obvious factor of cardio, then they discussed how Mundo's experience in All Night Long will play a role in his pacing and picking spots to neutralize the energy Mack receives from the rowdy Believers. Striker broke down the moveset strategy of Mack using close-quarters, high-impact fighting and Mundo using low-impact, high-energy, long-range attacks. That was quality commentary to set the mood right. It added to the big match atmosphere.

7. 2-0 pin

I'm a sucker for rolling transition pins. While Johnny Mundo was gloating in the corner, Mack tried for a quick schoolboy roll-up, but Mundo countered. I don't know how to describe what happened next. Striker was calling out magistral and Vampiro shouted casita, which I learned are the same. It was a cool little sequence. The icing on the cake was Mundo being a scumbag by grabbing the ropes to secure pinfall number two.

6. Bobsledding

Lucha Underground has been full of ridiculous moments since day one, but those moments always seem to pan out in favor of entertainment and not enterlamement. Case in point, Johnny Mundo strapped to the stretcher sliding down the stairs. The idea is absurd, yet it made for a great moment.

5. Johnny Rudo ankle faker

Johnny Mundo executed a whirling super maneuver to the outside, but he seemed to injure his ankle. The training staff was called out and it looked like All Night Long would end prematurely. Not so fast, my friend. When Mack had his back turned, Mundo sprang to his feet to deliver a swift kick to the cojones. He rubbed it in with jumping jacks and high knees to reveal his ruse.

Earlier, I mentioned the flying chingonsisimo as a reason why I enjoy Johnny Mundo. Then he pulls a stunt like this to be showered in boos. That goes to show how Mundo excellently straddles the line of being entertaining but also hated as a heel. He's a slick one, that Johnny Rudo. More than meets the eye.

4. Maracas in disguise

As the bad guys were in control near the end, Johnny Mundo requested a victory song. He danced alongside the weirdo with a beardo, PJ Black. What happened next caught me by major surprise.

The maraca player leaped from the stage for a flying crossbody. It turns out that Sexy Star was the one up on stage. In hindsight, it makes sense. In the moment, I did not see it coming at all. I didn't even realize it was Sexy Star until Matt Striker announced her name. Thumbs up for the amazement factor. Well played.

It was also nice to see Mack had reinforcements. I’m not sure if Son of Havoc and Sexy Star showed up as part of a plan or they took the initiative on their own. Either way, it is about time someone finally learned their lesson for what to expect when facing off against the Worldwide Underground tricksters.

3. Apron neckbreaker

Absolutely devastating. Mack dropped Mundo from the apron to the floor via neckbreaker. It made me wince and blurt, "Ohhhh."

The set up was pretty sweet and added to the overall visual. Mack vaulted Mundo up to the ring apron. Mack clubbed Mundo's legs to cut him down then gave Mundo's body a half spin. A kick to the back made Mundo sit up, which allowed Mack the room to execute the brutal neckbreaker.

2. Beer... It does a body good

Talk about absurdity. Just when I thought I couldn't like Mack any more than I already do, he gets help from Son of Havoc for a beer resuscitation. If I could only be so lucky to experience the same.

The whole scene was a hoot. Mack was down and out, so Son of Havoc knocked on Dario Cueto's door. It was unclear what Havoc desired. Dario handed over a bottle of water, but Havoc slapped it out of his hand in an act of exasperation. I thought Havoc was asking for some cocaine. Then the crowd clued me in with chants for beer. The Believers erupted as Dario brought out two cans. Havoc emptied them over Mack, who arose with vim and vigor.

It appears that this wasn't simple product placement with Modelo. They also have a commercial-esque video on Twitter with Melissa Santos promoting Fenix's accomplishments. I look forward to seeing more in what looks like a general template to put different luchadores in the focus. Three cheers for Modelo. "Sabor y calidad premium desde 1925. Modelo Especial, una tradición que perdura." Tengo sed.

1. Ladder frog splash

Fantastic finish to a fantastic match.

While watching the episode, I made mental notes about moments for the Tope 10. I was thinking the beer bath was a sure number one. How could they top it? Well, the ladder frog splash did just that.

It wasn't just the move itself that made the moment special. Also add in the intense drama of the countdown clock and the raucous crowd. Mack covered Mundo with 3 seconds left, but referee Marty Elias didn't start his count until 2 seconds remained. Mundo escaped by the skin of his teeth with a tie, which means he retains the title. That is until Dario Cueto booked overtime for next week. I can't wait. What a return for Lucha Underground.

Let’s play catch up on some polls for mid-season awards. Out of 158 votes for most outrageous moment, 39% voted for the bleacher chokeslam by Matanza to El Dragon Azteca Jr. 15% went with Cage accepting the Lord's gauntlet, and 11% chose the Piedra Immortal.

Out of 241 votes for best moment, 39% voted for broken arms galore for Pentagon DARK. 29% went with Sexy Star as new Lucha Underground champ, and 13% chose Killshot stomping Marty Martinez.

Out of 190 votes for best feud, 39% voted for Mil Muertes vs Prince Puma. 19% went with Sexy Star vs Johnny Mundo, and there was a 12% tie for third between Killshot vs Dante Fox and Rey Mysterio vs Matanza.

Out of 285 votes for MVP, 36% voted for Johnny Mundo. 20% went with Prince Puma, and 15% chose Dario Cueto.

Out of 93 votes for best match, 35% voted for the Gauntlet Match: Pentagon DARK vs Triad ninja death squad. 22% went with Aztec Warfare 3, and 16% chose Grave Consequences: Mil Muertes vs Prince Puma.

How does this week's Tope 10 stack up to your list? Any favorites not included? Who are you rooting for next week? What would be your drink of choice for resuscitation? If you were late to the viewing party, feel free to share your thoughts about anything in the episode.

Let me leave you with a video of Johnny Mundo's workout; complete with insults for the Mack. It was actually released before All Night Long, but it still applies since there will be overtime.

Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!


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