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Tough Enough winner Matt Cappotelli’s having surgery for recurrence of brain cancer

Back in 2007, Matt Cappotelli had surgery to have a tumor removed from his brain. The operation on the Tough Enough III co-winner (along with John Hennigan aka Morrison/Mundo) was declared a success, and while he didn’t return to wrestling, life went on for Cappotelli.

Unfortunately, PWInsider reports that the cancer has returned, and Matt is scheduled for surgery tomorrow (June 29). The story includes the following message from him, posted on his wife’s Facebook page:

Waiting to be taken for my MRI and get prepared for my second brain surgery tomorrow. Just found out that the tumor that I had removed 10 years ago has come back much more aggressively and needs to be dealt with. It's a very large tumor and there is a portion that is inoperable. The portion that they are hoping to remove will be sent for pathology, which will determine what exactly we are dealing with and provide insight on future treatment plans and the next steps for the inoperable portion in my brain stem. #John9:1-3

We’ll update the story with any information, and please join us in sending thoughts and prayers to Cappotelli and his family.

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