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Paige and Alberto El Patron broke up. Maybe.

Monday’s Rude Awakening looks at the impact (lol get it) of a breakup rumor, why a show like GLOW wouldn’t fix WWE’s problems with women, and more on John Cena, free agent.

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Paige and Alberto El Patron have had a pretty public relationship, with their dating being a subject on Total Divas, Paige proposing to Alberto on video, and the pair sharing space in Periscope videos where El Patron ran down WWE, the company Paige still works for. If the two are now breaking up, as Wrestling Inc. and SESCoops are reporting, then hopefully the split is a tad less public and involves less Periscoping.

That last sentence starts with “If” for a reason, and that’s because PW Insider says sources have told them that it is untrue that the couple has broken things off. Why are you seeing this discussed here in this space, anyway? Well, the status of Paige’s dating life might be intertwined with her WWE career.

Those Periscope videos sure seemed like a ploy to infuriate WWE so that Paige would be released from her contract and be in a position to join her fiance on Impact Wrestling. WWE had no plans of taking that bait, as it was rumored that the movie about Paige’s family and the promotion they can have Paige do for it means too much to them to simply let her go because of some poorly thought out social media videos about Triple H’s nose. That doesn’t mean the videos didn’t work, though, considering the rumor that WWE would have absolutely cut Paige loose if not for that biopic.

If Paige and Alberto aren’t together, there’s one less reason for her to want out from WWE (and for the feeling to be mutual). And if the frustration over her injuries — again, seen on Total Divas and also easily discerned given injuries are inherently frustrating has dropped from a boil to a simmer as she rehabs from neck surgery and a return to the ring comes ever closer, maybe we’ll finally get the Paige WWE has been missing from its women’s divisions since she first got hurt.

Or, the two are still together, Paige maybe still wants out at the first opportunity, and we’ve got more Periscope videos on the way where we can wonder what the pair are thinking. Aren’t rumors fun?

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