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Frankie Kazarian’s back is tore up after his strap match at ROH Best in the World

Ring of Honor (ROH) has shown a willingness to go places other televised promotions here in the States won’t go. Sometimes that’s bad (chair shots to the head), sometimes it’s good-bad.

The second match on their June 23 pay-per-view (PPV) Best in the World was the latter. The strap match between Frankie Kazarian and Adam “Hangman” Page was not for the squeamish. Even before Kaz won by literally hanging Page with the strap to earn a submission win, the Bullet Club member produced one with nails and thumbtacks embedded in it.

And it wasn’t one of those times when something is introduced in a match but never used. Page whipped Frankie with it.

And when that happens... this happens.


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