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Brooke Hogan says her women’s wrestling promotion is ‘looking at tour dates in September’

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Last Fall, we shared word that a group of daughters of famous pro wrestlers were looking to start their own promotion - or “wrestling league”, as DDP’s daughter Brittany Page called it.

In addition to Page, Brooke Hogan, Lacey Von Erich, Roddy Piper’s daughter Ariel Toombs and Christy Hemme were said to be involved in the project.

Considering the news came via an impromptu TMZ interview, and with the perceived lack of a market for new wrestling companies, many (including yours truly) dismissed the idea. But the women driving the project haven’t given up and, according to Hogan, their league may be playing in a city near you very soon.

Brooke was at the premiere of Netflix’s GLOW earlier this week (she has a small part in one episode of the series), and our old pal Bill Hanstock caught up with her to chat. Among the things they spoke about was the women’s wrestling show.

From With Spandex:

...we’re ... jumping on this female movement, and doing a real female league with fantastic athletes and a wonderful show.

We’ve got a roster of 40-plus women, so there’s some really incredible talent that we’ve got.

We’re already looking at tour dates in September, so it’s moving really quickly. [It’s actually happening] faster than I am ready for, but, hey, hang on for the ride.

She also reveals in the interview that the ladies have partnered with Johnny Cafarella, who was a host and producer for the original 80s Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling and went on to found Wrestlicious, for the project.

Seems like this may actually happen. Will it work? Make money? Last?

Let us know what you think, Cagesiders.

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