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Pete Dunne’s dream opponent is a real Beast of a man

Friday’s Rude Awakening includes Pete Dunne’s dream match that will also be yours, Kairi Hojo’s arrival at NXT, and a potential change to WrestleMania 34 plans.

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Pete Dunne is the current United Kingdom Champion in WWE. He’s all of 23 years old, and though he’s just 5-foot-10, he carries himself in a way that makes him seem more menacing than that frame suggests — no one blinks at his nickname, the “Bruiserweight,” and there’s a reason for that.

It’s no surprise, then, that when Dunne was recently asked about his dream opponent, he didn’t go for someone close to his size or tease us with a William Regal match-up that’ll never happen. Nah, Dunne went big, and he went Beastly. (h/t SEScoops for the transcription, original interview at Card Subject to Change):

“The big one for me is Brock Lesnar. I like that you believe in him, because that is him. I try to carry myself that way and I look to someday reach that level. I think it would be a match people wouldn’t expect but it’s one I’d love to have. It’d be a good fight.”

Beast vs. Bruiserweight would be something else. We never get to see Brock Lesnar wrestle smaller guys, as someone else big and strong (John Cena, Roman Reigns, Goldberg) tends to be the opponent. Seth Rollins, at 6-foot-1 and 217 pounds, is the smallest guy Lesnar has faced in awhile — it’s easy to forget that Dean Ambrose is 6-foot-4, an inch taller than Brock is. Dunne’s grinding style could work well against Brock, though, especially since he knows how to take a beating, too.

The outcome would probably be Dunne losing, but even getting to the level where you face Brock Lesnar is a huge achievement. And Dunne isn’t United Kingdom Champion just because: he’s got a ceiling as high as that of anyone showing up on NXT these days. Maybe his dream of staring down Lesnar and having that “good fight” is a realistic one.

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