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So, Vince Russo filed a restraining order against Jim Cornette

Pretty sure there aren’t even jokes any more. Just a couple guys who know they get a lot of attention from publicly hating each other.

Following their latest war of words, which included an offer by Jim Cornette to meet Vince Russo for a fight, Russo filed for and had Cornette served with a restraining order, claiming the 55 year old former manager, promoter and booker was stalking him.

How do we know? Cornette Tweeted it out earlier tonight (June 21):

Now they’re just gonna have to continue to talk crap about each other on podcasts.

56 year old former WWE, WCW and TNA writer Russo is also currently feuding with Bruce Prichard, but I don’t care enough to research that beyond the fact each man says the other is a big, fat liar.

No word on if restraining orders have been filed there, so you can still hold out hope for a fight between Russo and Brother Love, bro.

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