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There’s still a way for WWE to make the women’s Money in the Bank controversy work

Wednesday’s Rude Awakening sifts through Tuesday’s wreckage, Enzo and Cass fallout, and the early reviews of GLOW.

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It’s difficult to know if it was always WWE’s plan to redo the women’s Money in the Bank match nine days after the pay-per-view in the hopes of adding viewers to an episode of SmackDown, or if their decision to do so came as a reaction to the fans who were furious at the company for the outcome of what was supposed to be a historic first for women.

What we do know, though, is that a redo is happening, and it’s happening because the non-Carmella women in the division and SmackDown general manager Daniel Bryan won’t stand for having James Ellsworths’ grubby dude mitts all over their shining moment. The question now is about how WWE makes all of these last few days of decisions worth it.

There are numerous ways to screw this up — having a man stop Ellsworth from getting involved again, for instance, or accidentally turning Carmella face by having her win completely on her own that puts the appearance of a moment over her alignment and story. There are also ways to do this right, one prominently sticking out enough that you’re going to read about it now.

Carmella should win again — there’s no question of that. Her promo on Tuesday to open SmackDown, where she derided making history in favor of winning, succeeded at redirecting fan anger back at her rather than WWE’s creative team. She should build off of that promo and its attitude by cheating once again to win, only this time, she should recruit a woman to her cause instead of Ellsworth.

Going out of her way to taint her victory a second time, only using another woman as her shield by throwing the action in everyone’s face as being literally what they asked for, would bring this all to a close that allows for the visual of a woman deciding a story about women, while also making sure Carmella remains the absolute worst as a heel competitor. Who that woman could be, though, is a little tougher to figure out.

Anyone on the main roster besides a switch of Summer Rae’s brand is out, and it’s unclear if she’s even available. You wouldn’t want to split up Peyton Royce or Billie Kay at NXT, nor stop what they have going on, so they’re out. Liv Morgan isn’t ready for the main roster yet, not as an everyday competitor, but as someone who continues to wrestle at NXT and is simply joining a Long Island-New Jersey Pro-Leopard Print and Athletic Wear stable to help out in the same way Ellsworth has would work. She’s a face now, and not as notable as other competitors at NXT, but that would only help with the surprise factor of it all.

Listen, it’s that or Asuka comes up and murders James Ellsworth on live television before taking the briefcase for herself. As amazing as that would be, it won’t help Carmella at all. Having her build off her promo, add additional heel heat, and giving her a reason to split from the Welcoming Committee by adding a third to her personal entourage would. And it might even help justify, to a degree, the mess that got us here in the first place.

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