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PJ Black’s love of BASE jumping costs him 6 - 12 months, part of his finger

Lucha Underground star PJ Black, who many of you may remember as Justin Gabriel in WWE, lives his “darewolf” gimmick. The South African star is not only a high flying risk taker in the ring, but takes full advantage of his downtime from wrestling to partipate in a variety of extreme sports.

A particular favorite is BASE jumping, which is basically skydiving, but off some high stationary object like a building or cliff rather than out of a plane. Just last October, a bad landing left Black with two broken ankles.

New broke last week of another BASE jumping incident for the former Trios champ. Black told the story of the incident, which left him with a badly broken leg and facing 6 - 12 months before he can wrestle again, to Wrestling Epicenter:

The short version is, I jumped. My body position wasn’t perfect. The parachute opened with a 180-degree turn, so instead of flying away from the building, I flew straight into the building. I managed to kick off one of the ledges and flip myself around, but in doing that I broke my ankle, and then while I was flipping around my finger got caught in a satellite dish. It ripped the tip of the finger off. I’ve got two titanium plates in my leg, and a pretty messed up finger, but I’m alive so that’s pretty cool.

Uh... yeah. Cool.

Get well soon, Darewolf. And, I don’t want to tell you how to live your life or anything, but - maybe think about some new hobbies?

H/T: With Spandex, Pro Wrestling Sheet

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