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FIP In Full Force 2017 live results: Riddle/Davis, Yehi/Janela, Fox/Stone, Henry/MJF and more

World Wrestling Network

The World Wrestling Network is in Ybor City, Florida tonight at 6PM Eastern with FIP In Full Force 2017. So fire up FloSlam and follow along with all the action in the thread, and we'll provide running results updates right here for your convenience.

Martin Stone over AR Fox by submission with a modified camel clutch choke over the ropes.

Parrow over Jimmy Lloyd by pinfall with a sitout Tombstone piledriver.

Drennen gets on the mic after to talk about how beautiful that was, Parrow showing his complete dominance. In August, when Odinson returns, nobody will be able to take them on. And if there's anybody in the back, they'll take on anybody.

Mitch Mitchell runs down and grabs the mic. He doesn't back down from anybody, and Drennen is too big a bitch to fight him in ACW... Parrow dumps him out of the ring, and a series of other wrestlers come down, Parrow dumping each of them in turn. Mitchell shifts gears and issues a challenge for a five-way freestyle!

Drennen over Irish Jack, Mason Tyler, Mitch Mitchell, and Vertigo by submission with a figure four leglock on Tyler.

Priscilla Kelly over Aria Blake by submission with a grounded octopus hold.

Post-match, Aria knocks referee Frankie Gastineau down when he tries to help her up and then storms off.

Timothy Barr starts talking about how it’s a shame it took women until 2017 to learn to wrestle and Kaci Lennox hauls off and slaps him! She unloads on him and tells him everybody wants him gone! He walks off, flipping the bird for good measure.

Anthony Henry over Maxwell Jacob Friedman by pinfall with a frog splash.

Dontay Brown gets on the mic to say that was the biggest crock of shit he’s ever seen. He threatens to leave and never come back if the crowd don’t shut up, so of course they keep making noise. He says he’s done with Anthony Henry, hell with the bounty on him, and he’s gonna invest all of his money into the women’s division, starting with the next member of the Inferno, Aria Blake.

Matt Tremont vs. Teddy Stigma goes to a no contest after a few minutes when Teddy Stigma proposes an alliance for a tag title shot. Tremont accepts and the Hooligans come out for the match!

Hooligans (Devin & Mason Cutter) (c) over Matt Tremont & Teddy Stigma by pinfall with a Con-Chair-To on Stigma, retaining the FIP World Tag Team Championship.

Tremont offers a handshake to Stigma after the match. It’s accepted, but Teddy nails him in the back with the Death Stick when he goes to leave the ring. Matt calls out after him and says he’s dead.

Timothy Barr comes back out and berates Kaci Lennox, telling her she’s not fit to announce a title match before deciding none of ‘em are worth it and heading back to the back.

Fred Yehi (c) over Joey Janela by submission with the Koji Clutch following a chair-assisted reverse STO, retaining the FIP World Heavyweight Championship.

Martin Stone clears his throat and steps in the ring. He has a dilemma— since WrestleMania weekend he’s been a little light around the waist, so he wants a shot at Yehi’s FIP World Heavyweight Championship on 8/5. Fred accepts and Stone lays him out!

Matt Riddle (c) over Jon Davis by submission with the Bromission, retaining the WWN Championship.

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