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Roman Reigns knows you won't like his RAW announcement

Friday’s Rude Awakening looks at Roman Reigns’ coming announcement, a major SummerSlam rumor, and Geno’s love for Lana’s theme.

Roman Reigns

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We still don’t know what Roman Reigns’ announcement is going to be. We speculated in this space earlier in the week — maybe Braun Strowman or Finn Balor interrupts Roman before he ever gets his SummerSlam-centric announcement out of his mouth — but as said, that’s speculation. What we do know, though, is that it’s going to make people mad. We know this because Reigns told us so himself.

I have to say, I am super into this post-Undertaker version of Roman Reigns who just wants to kick ass and doesn’t give a single care about what people think of him. It’s bled into his Twitter persona, too, and really, who needs the man to “officially” go heel if he’s just going to be in badass mode all the time?

You might be getting mad just reading that above paragraph, but since Reigns seems to be feeding on people getting mad online... well, this is a loop now. Count me among those who still don’t think we’ll get to hear an actual announcement because someone interrupts, but part of me hopes Reigns has something to say that truly will upset some people — not because it’s a bad plan, but because he’s further asserting that RAW is his show.

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