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Baron Corbin was built to win Money in the Bank

Thursday’s Rude Awakening looks at why Baron Corbin should be the MITB pick, frustration with Vince McMahon, and Big Show hating working TV.

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Baron Corbin is probably going to win the men’s Money in the Bank ladder match this Sunday. That’s not based on rumors or the fact he’s been pinned a few times in the lead-up to this match and oh boy does WWE love that kind of “surprise” winner: it’s because of a consistent, logical thread that’s permeated his entire career in WWE. Baron Corbin is (kayfabe) bad at wrestling. But there is almost no one in WWE who will beat the absolute hell out of you like Baron Corbin can, and that’s where his advantage sits.

What does “bad” at wrestling mean? It doesn’t mean Corbin’s moveset is limited (it’s not) or that he doesn’t know how to tell a story in the ring (he does) or that he’s sloppy (he isn’t). It’s that when Corbin does end up losing, it’s often to someone he should have beaten, but he either got cocky or simply got rolled up and lacks the capability to escape. Austin Aries pulled it off back in NXT. Sami Zayn managed to beat Corbin almost immediately with a rollup during this pay-per-view cycle — it’s a problem that’s persisted through the years. When Corbin loses, it’s often because someone who can list “knows how to wrestle” as a significant strength takes him down in ways Daniel Bryan would be proud of.

And what almost always follows those surprise rollup losses is Corbin beating the memory of victory right out of his opponent. Why does this matter this Sunday at Money in the Bank? Well, there will be no surprise rollups in a match where the only goal is to destroy your opponents to the point where you can climb the ladder and bring down the briefcase uninterrupted.

Corbin’s greatest weakness has been nullified. He doesn’t need to out-graps his opponents: he just needs to pound on them with his Golden Glove-winning fists and ladders and drive them into the ground with his signature moves until his opponents are incapable of following him to the case.

Plus, a guy who is known for backstage beatdowns and surprise attacks having access to a whenever-he-wants cash-in opportunity for the WWE World Championship is just too perfect, and it’s very likely that it’s just what we’ll be seeing after Money in the Bank.

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