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Finn Balor doesn’t sound interested in a Bullet Club reunion

Wednesday’s Rude Awakening looks at Finn Balor’s thoughts, the untold story of Glacier, and the latest Fashion Files.

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Finn Balor loves to tease about the reformation of the Bullet Club, the ongoing stable that he founded back when he was with New Japan. There’s that whole Balor Club thing going on in WWE, except the club is his fans in the same way Roman Reigns has the Roman Empire — it’s more a merchandising idea at this point than anything. And maybe that’ll be all it is, too, as Finn Balor himself doesn’t sound too excited about the idea of reforming the Bullet Club.

From a recent interview in Australia:

“It’s something that comes up every now and again, whether we should reform The Club,” Balor said. “To me it was a moment in time. That moment for me was four years ago. A lot has changed in those four years.

“Myself, Luke, Karl have a lot of history together and AJ (Styles) is on Smackdown, the possibility of perhaps reuniting in the future, sure it’s tasty to a lot of people. I think individually right now we’re all stronger on our own paths.

“Maybe that will change in the future. We may need to reassemble the troops, but for now I think we’re all doing fine.”

Chad 2 Badd and Tex Ferguson are more over than Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows at this point, but that’s more RAW’s fault than anything those two have been doing. That’s kind of besides the point here, anyway, which is just that Balor is either being super low-key on purpose about something he’d like to do, or it’s going to turn out that he loves teasing us about the Bullet Club more than he actually wants to reform it.

Maybe Finn’s right, and we should leave the idea of the Bullet Club behind. If Finn is going to ever form an actual Balor Club stable, maybe it should be all new dudes in it. Sure, Balor, Anderson, Gallows, and Styles might sound great because we’re familiar with those people in this concept, but maybe something like, I don’t know, Sheamus and Cesaro flanking Finn is where the future of this particular brand lies.

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