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Lucha Underground stars walk away from scary accident with drunk driver

Taya on Twitter

Here’s a scary story which thankfully left no one hurt - which isn’t something a lot of folks who find themselves in a collision with a vehicle driven by someone under the influence of alcohol or drugs can say.

Lucha Underground stars Taya Valkyrie (Kira Forster), Mariposa (Melissa Anderson, aka Cheerleader Melissa, Twitter handle “Melissa Deadrich”) and an unnamed friend were leaving an event in Atlantic City late Saturday night/early Sunday morning when their car was struck from behind by a drunk driver on a freeway near the Philadelphia International Airport.

The crash happened at such a rate of speed the wrestlers’ car spun out across three lanes of traffic before striking a guard rail. Thankfully, Melissa says they were able to “walk away” and Taya reported they were only “shaken up”.

Here are each of their accounts of the incident:

Taya says the driver and his passengers were taken into custody by the police. They’re fortunate they’re not facing more serious charges than driving under the influence or public intoxication.

Everyone follow AAA’s Reina de Reinas champion’s advice:

Don’t be an idiot, don’t drink and drive, don’t let your friends drink and drive. Be responsible.

H/T: Pro Wrestling Sheet

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