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Vince Russo has spoken with WWE, reminding us things could always be worse

Wednesday’s Rude Awakening warns against Russo, looks at Money in the Bank history, and how Scott Hall changed everything.

Vince Russo

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Vince Russo sure has opinions. They’re generally homophobic, misogynistic, nonsensical opinions based on rage and arrested development, but hey, not everyone can be creatively functional. So, when you see that Russo has recently reached out to Vince McMahon offering to help them with a product that he thinks has a lot of problems, and that McMahon reached back out to Russo, you shouldn’t feel bad about the widening of your eyes and holding of your breath.

Russo sucks, and any moment he enters Vince McMahon’s consciousness as anything other than someone to be laughed at in a Monday Night Wars retrospective is a concerning one.

Luckily, for all the things we might criticize McMahon for, a reunion with Russo doesn’t sound like something we have to worry about. Russo’s response to how McMahon received his pitch was basically “uh well he’s a man of few words” which sure sounds like Vinny Mac shut down Russo or at least showed complete, concise disinterest in the offer for assistance. This is good news!

So, yeah, there are lots of ways the current WWE landscape could improve. They still lack depth in the women’s divisions and haven’t leveraged the talent they do have often enough, with women’s screen time still paltry compared to the men’s. They still lean on the same setups and tropes far too often — [challenger] has pinned the champion! These feuding wrestlers will wrestle four weeks in a row before finally wrestling on a Sunday night! — but man, Vince Russo emerging from his man cave every now and again reminds us of how far WWE and wrestling in general has managed to come, and that feels good.

It feels even better when you remember that Russo’s idea of utilizing the women more often would involve skimpier outfits and focusing almost entirely on their looks to get back that sweet 18-34 manchild demographic. So, yeah, thanks for not indulging Russo too much, Vince.

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