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Lucha Underground Mid-Season Three Awards: MVP

The return of Lucha Underground's season three is landing down the runway. Wednesday, May 31 at 8pm ET/PT on El Rey Network to be exact.

If your memory is like mine (a Dalmatian with no spots), you will need a refresher on season three’s most valuable players to step foot in the Temple. What better a way to do that than to hand out mid-season awards. (Insert sound of the Terminator clap)

Today's award will be the MVP. Also, a few bonus awards have been added for categories that weren't deep enough to have their own showcase. The nominees are...

Prince Puma

Prince Puma has been the MVP in terms of in-ring entertainment since day one in the Temple. He is truly amazing. This season, he finally has a story that can match the pleasure he brings to fans inside the ropes. His tale of resurrected redemption has an engaging hook, vivid visuals, and plenty of mystery.


From a sporting aspect, Matanza has been the most impressive this season. He went undefeated (5-0) against challengers from Dario's Dial of Doom. Matanza was so dominant that it took stacking the deck against him in Aztec Warfare 3 as the number one entrant to give him a true challenge. Unfortunately, the Cueto brothers' bravado didn't pay off as Rey Mysterio became the first luchador to successfully pin the champ. When Matanza returned to action, he dismantled El Dragon Azteca Jr. in a Death Match. Nobody has a better resume than that.

Johnny Mundo

Johnny Mundo's quest for the Lucha Underground championship has been the primary focal point of season three's first half. Even though Mundo couldn't win on his own, he still found creative ways to get the job done to be crowned as champ. His cockiness and sense of entitlement have brought being an antagonist to a whole new level. Mundo is extremely enjoyable as a jerky jackass, but then he does something heinous to make fans boo and root against his success. That's some good heeling.

Sexy Star

Sexy Star had the biggest win so far this season when she became Lucha Underground champion at Aztec Warfare 3. Becoming the first female to earn that achievement was a mainstream moment. It didn't look like she would break through to be a major player after losing the Gift of the Gods to Johnny Mundo. However, Sexy Star has now cemented herself as a legit contender.

Dario Cueto

Dario Cueto has always been and continues to be the straw that stirs the Lucha Underground cocktail. Whether doing pull-ups, tossing mics, taking bribes, enjoying a front row seat to a slap fight, yucking it up, or telling jokes, he has consistently been the most enjoyable part of the show.

Winner - Dario Cueto

In my opinion, there hasn't really been one person that has stood out above and beyond from the others. They have all been fantastic in their own way. So, when in doubt, give a shout for El Jefe. You could accuse me of copping out, and I wouldn't pout. However, Cueto is a such a joy when sniffing lines while concocting a violent ploy. That is what makes him our homeboy.

Best Newcomer - Jeremiah Crane

Jeremiah Crane has been pretty entertaining, both inside and outside of the ring. He has a nice array of maneuvers and an aggressive ring style. Jeremiah was introduced as Ivelisse's boyfriend, but he has a past and possible obsession with Ivelisse's bitter rival, Catrina. He even had the chutzpah to call out Mil Muertes.

Dante Fox has made an impression, but his character hasn't been fleshed out enough yet. The Triad ninjas were awesome in their only appearance. The Snake Tribe might have a chance at Trios gold if Drago turns on his friends. Maybe the Rabbit Tribe can reach lofty heights if they convince Mascarita Sagrada to fully embrace the role as spiritual guide, guru, god.

Sixth Man Award - Killshot

This award goes to the best competitor who isn't in the main event scene for season three. It is comparable to the best backup or sixth man in basketball.

Killshot upped his game in the Weapons of Mass Destruction match with Marty Martinez and his singles bout against Dante Fox. Both of those matches are in the running for best match in the first half. He's gotten to the point that I'll happily watch any of his future matches in Lucha Underground.

Breakthrough Character - Texano

Every episode of Lucha Underground is generally a good time. There are very few aspects that I am indifferent about. Texano was one of them. Was being the key word. The finale to his series with Cage made me a fan. Pairing with a certain manager could make Texano famous.

Who is the MVP for you so far in season three? Who do you think will hold that honor at the end of the season? How do your choices compare to the picks for best newcomer, sixth man, and breakthrough character?

If you missed it, check out the awards for Best Feud, Best Moment, Most Outrageous Moment and a breakdown of the mid-season trailer.


Who is the MVP?

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  • 20%
    Prince Puma
    (58 votes)
  • 9%
    (26 votes)
  • 36%
    Johnny Mundo
    (104 votes)
  • 12%
    Sexy Star
    (36 votes)
  • 15%
    Dario Cueto
    (43 votes)
  • 6%
    (18 votes)
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