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FIP Accelerate 2017 live results: Kincaid/Fox, Konley/Davis, Fred Yehi issues an open challenge

World Wrestling Network

The World Wrestling Network is in Ybor City, Florida tonight at 9PM Eastern with FIP Accelerate 2017. So fire up FloSlam and follow along with all the action in the thread, and we'll provide running results updates right here for your convenience.

Anthony Henry interrupts Timothy Barr’s thrilling discussion of his star rating system to call Teddy Stigma out for their match.

Anthony Henry over Teddy Stigma by pinfall with an AVALANCHE KUDO DRIVER THROUGH SOME CHAIRS!

Mila comes down, representing Dontay Brown, to remind Henry that the bounty hasn’t been lifted and telling him that Maxwell Jacob Friedman is coming after him next.

Amber Young than tells Mila that she remembers what she did and demands she get in the ring right now. Mila heads to the apron but has no intention of actually fighting.

Fred Yehi comes down to the ring and clears his throat. First thing’s first, the F in FIP stands for Fred Yehi. He has good news and bad news— the bad news is Martin Stone couldn’t make it for his title shot tonight. But the good news is Fred Yehi has an open contract here in FIP

Ethan Case hits the ring, saying everyone’s disappointed that Martin Stone isn’t here tonight, and he knows he’s new to WWN and FIP, but he’s not new to the people watching on FloSlam or to Fred Yehi. He came for two reasons, one to have a streamer party and two to prove that he belongs in FIP, and he asks for the title shot. The match is on!

J. Spade over Matt Lancie by pinfall with the Ace of Spades.

Parrow and Odinson hit the ring to beat up the two WildKat Sports competitors who just wrestled. Drennen joins them to say he and Parrow don’t play by the rules and tells Odinson that as long as he listens and doesn’t get in the way they can run this place.

They wipe one of the dudes out again and their opponents in the trios match hit the ring with chairs. They bicker back and forth, Drennen insists on the chairs being tossed out so they can have a wrestling match with rules and the match is on!

Drennen, Odinson, & Parrow over Bu Ku Dao, Danny Flamingo, & Socorro by pinfall with a piledriver from Parrow on Dao.

Timothy Barr announces FIP’s next show as being on 6/17 and featuring WWN Champion Matt Riddle!

Aria Blake & Dynamite DiDi over Lindsey Snow & Priscilla Kelly by pinfall with a double underhook DDT onto a street sign from Blake on Snow.

AR Fox over Jason Kincaid by pinfall with a straitjacket brainbuster.

Fox cuts a promo about being the Whole Foxin’ Show and a draw wherever he goes. He doesn’t know why he’s not in the main event and a pair of guys “greener than the Grinch’s ballsack” are.

Jon Davis (c) over Caleb Konley by submission with a half crab to retain the FIP Florida Heritage Championship.

Davis cuts a promo after, seemingly putting Konley over but finishes by telling him he’s a scumbag and telling him to get out of his ring. He then talks about being in the WWN Championship elimination match at Mercury Rising, about how everybody took him lightly but were proven wrong when it took three guys to put him out of the match. One of whom was Matt Riddle, who he challenges for 6/17! Can’t wait.

Fred Yehi (c) over Ethan Case by submission with the Koji Clutch to retain the FIP World Heavyweight Championship.

Jason Cade over Austin Theory, James Drake, and Jon Cruz by pinfall with a Frog Splash on Cruz. AR Fox interfered and ran Theory to the back late in the match, as well.

After the match, Cade challenges Caleb Konley to a rematch of their excellent match of a few months ago. Konley attacks him and accepts the challenge, but vows it’s gonna end the same way.

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