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Jinder Mahal explains he’s been drug tested ‘multiple times’ since his return

Friday’s Rude Awakening looks at Jinder Mahal and drug testing, the return of Scott Steiner, and Mae Young Classic rumors.

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Jinder Mahal looks like a completely different person from the last time he was in WWE, so obviously, jokes about steroids and performance-enhancing drugs abound. Wrestling fans are doing their best Murray Chass impersonation and putting Mahal in the role of Mike Piazza all because he’s got a case of back acne. Jinder was asked about his transformation by The Times of India in a recent interview, and volunteered that he’s been tested “multiple times” since his return — all passing grades, given he hasn’t been suspended by WWE.

All the WWE talents are drug tested by a third-party agency and I have been tested multiple times and never had an issue, so you know my transformation is all diet, all hard work. I am a tested athlete like every other WWE wrestler. I have no special privilege; nothing like that. I look like an athlete, I perform like an athlete, I carry myself like an athlete and WWE was not hesitant to put me in a WWE title match.

If you’re suspicious of him still, that’s understandable, since the cheaters are almost always going to be ahead of those doing the testing. However, assuming he’s definitely using is unfair, especially given we’re not that far removed from Roman Reigns — you know, the apple of Vince McMahon’s eye, the guy who hasn’t left the main event for more than 30 seconds in years — being suspended for a failed drug test. As Bill Hanstock pointed out over at With Spandex after making that Reigns’ point, chances are good this is truth telling, especially since these tests come from a third party and not WWE themselves.

What’s clear is that Jinder has spent a ton of time in the gym, the locker room seems thrilled for his success, and every interview, from his time on Chris Jericho’s podcast to the one cited here today, seems to come from someone who put in hard work to get here and couldn’t be happier about what it got him. Until given actual cause to believe otherwise, we should appreciate that on its face.

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