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Where do SmackDown’s women go from here?

Tuesday’s Rude Awakening looks at what the blue brand’s women could be up to after Backlash, a Money in the Bank announcement, and the latest on the Broken Hardys.

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The finish to the six-woman tag match at Backlash was a surprise, but mostly because we were all expecting there to be a heel turn with the true leader of the Welcoming Committee revealed. Instead, Natalya, who was seen as the stand-in head of the group, submitted Becky Lynch in the middle of the ring, clean as can be. So, maybe Natalya really is in charge of the Welcoming Committee, and the problem was with our expectations and a belief that somehow, a former champion who we all know can wrestle wasn’t the real leader of this heel stable.

They’ve got their clout now, though, as we’ve all been reminded that, oh right, Natalya trained in the Hart Dungeon and is legit, Tamina is effective muscle, and Carmella is a danger so long as James Ellsworth is around to ensure her safety and success. One of them — be it Natalya after pinning Becky or Carmella by way of Ellsworth politicking — is likely going to challenge Naomi for the SmackDown Women’s Championship, with that match likely for Money in the Bank. That would surely give the entire stable something to do, as they’ve got to be there to cheat for cheer on their rep.

That would leave Charlotte and Becky, neither of whom turned on Sunday. Charlotte has the opportunity to do so now, though, especially if Shane McMahon or Daniel Bryan gives one of the Welcoming Committee a title shot instead of Charlotte, who had already said her post-Backlash business was to challenge Naomi. Charlotte could blame Becky for the team loss and her being leapfrogged in the championship line, giving us face Becky vs. heel Charlotte, something none of us should have any complaints about seeing.

Given the size of the women’s division, it’s a little difficult to believe that the women will also get their own Money in the Bank briefcase match next month, but who knows: maybe that’s what Becky and Charlotte’s feud will spill over into, with the other two-thirds of the Welcoming Committee taking part and maybe an NXT call-up or two filling out the rest of the match roster.

With or without a fight for a briefcase, however, SmackDown’s women’s division seems to have plenty going on. We just didn’t get to see it all happen at once at Sunday like expected.

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