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NXT TakeOver Chicago results: Bobby Roode retains his title against Hideo Itami

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At NXT TakeOver: Chicago tonight (May 20), Hideo Itami finally got his chance at the NXT championship. Despite debuting years ago, injuries kept delaying his journey to the top. That is why when he returned most recently, he immediately focused on the arrogant champion Bobby Roode.

Despite knocking out Roode with the dreaded GTS twice coming into this match, Itami was not able to deliver it in the middle of the ring as needed to defeat Roode tonight. Because of that, the Glorious one was able to hold onto to his title.

Roode avoided a GTS very early on in the match and weathered flurry from Itami to settle into his offensive. He wore Itami down and the longer he did, the cockier he got. However, the cockier he got, the angrier Hideo became.

Soon, Roode because too arrogant and received a huge slap to the face because of it. This allowed Itami to deliver his strike based offense, focusing his strikes to the left shoulder and arm of the champ.

That would pay dividends later on when the champion couldn’t hit his Glorious DDT due to discomfort in that arm.

Unfortunately for the challenger, Itami also hurt his leg during the latter stages of the fight with Roode, which prevented a second GTS attempt. Roode capitalized with a Glorious DDT but the challenger kicked out!

HIdeo was finally able to hit the GTS, but it knocked Roode completely out of the ring. By the time the challenger could get the bigger man into the ring, the champ was able to kick out.

Roode would fight out of the third Go To Sleep attempt but a forth attempt would soon present itself. After Hideo slapped Roode stupid, he pulled down the knee pad, and got the champ up on his shoulders. But Bobby reversed it into a Glorious DDT. Knowing that one didn’t do the job earlier, he held onto Itami and delivered a second for the pinfall.

Still champion and still Glorious.

You can find all of the results of NXT TakeOver: Chicago at the live blog here.

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