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Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman arrested, denies relapse (Updated with details of possession charges)

As mentioned in a recent Rumor Round-Up, Sean “X-Pac” Waltman missed a scheduled appearance in the United Kingdom this past weekend. Word came from friends and associates that the former WWE and WCW star was okay, but no further details were provided.

Several sources have now confirmed Waltman was arrested on Saturday, April 29 at Los Angeles International Airport. PWInsider says they’ve confirmed it was a felony arrest, and that he was released on Sunday under a $35,000 bond. Waltman is now scheduled to appear at LA Municipal Court on May 25 regarding the charge or charges.

TMZ Sports claims the arrest came when the 44 year old was found with marijuana and methamphetamine going through customs. Their story also indicates officials discovered an outstanding warrant for Waltman stemming from an old DUI arrest.

Waltman’s struggles with addiction are well-documented, but aside from medicinal cannabis use, he’s been in treatment and stating that he’s clean for several years now. Since the arrest was revealed, he’s been on social media denying that he’s using again:

He also appeared on The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro, where he is a regular guest, and discussed the situation with hosts Scheana Marie and Roxy Striar:

Striar: So to make it 100% clear though, Sean, just so you don’t get more Tweets about this - you are not using Meth...

Waltman: Nope, and I wasn’t using anything... nothing. No relapse.

Marie: Clean, sober...

Waltman: Well, besides cannibus. That’s all I use.

Marie: Well, that’s legal. That’s okay, right?

Waltman: Well... not to the feds.

Seems reasonable to assume the arrest was related to marijuana possession, but Waltman is denying the meth report from TMZ.

We’ll keep you posted with additional details as they become available.

UPDATE: PWInsider obtained a copy of the arrest report for five counts of possession of narcotics intended for sale -

Waltman was arrested after a K-9 officer alerted officers to the presence of narcotics in his luggage. Officers had decided to investigate Waltman's luggage as he was previously on a watch list with the United States Customs and Border Protection agency.

The search of his bags revealed 15 white meth/amphetamines pills, 23 multi-colored meth/amphetamines pills, 2 THC liquid cigarettes, 56 THC capsules and 3 Cannabis Chocolate Bars.

Given that Waltman told them he was slated to return to Los Angeles on May 1, the officers made the determination that the amount of pills exceeded the "amount any person can consume" in that time period. The officers then decided that the narcotics, plus the $736.10 Waltman was carrying were evidence of "narcotics sales."

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