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WWE would reportedly be done with Paige already, if not for upcoming biopic

Friday’s Rude Awakening looks at Paige’s situation with WWE, Kurt Angle’s return to the ring, and Randy Orton: Indie Hater.


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The relationship between Paige and WWE has been fairly private, outside of hints dropped on Total Divas and whispers saying it’s in trouble. That isn’t to say that we know nothing about Paige’s private life or what she might currently think of WWE: thanks to Alberto El Patron and his videos criticizing Triple H and the WWE — videos that Paige participated in and also shared on social media — we can get a pretty good sense of things.

Now, we’ve got Dave Meltzer saying on Wrestling Observer Radio (hat tip, SESCoops) that Paige is out because she’s still working her way back from neck surgery, but the reality of things is that she wouldn’t even be coming back to WWE if not for the upcoming biopic featuring her and her family — a movie that Rock’s production company is working on, that’s already done some filming with WWE sets. This isn’t surprising: you didn’t need Meltzer or his sources in order to guess at this, but having him report on it does make it seem that much more real.

Paige is engaged to El Patron, who works for Impact and is currently their Global Force champ. She participated in videos running down Triple H and her employer, even if she, in the videos, tried to get Alberto to stop, remember that she still shared them in the end. It sure feels like the two are trying to get her out from her WWE deal so she can move on to Impact with El Patron, but that biopic was always going to be the road block keeping her from leaving. If what Meltzer reports is true, though, once WWE has made the money they want to and gotten the attention they desire from the biopic, maybe Paige will end up released and everyone will be happy. Or something.

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