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Matt Hardy thinks he’ll have a singles career in WWE again

Thursday’s Rude Awakening includes Matt Hardy talking future WWE plans, Finn Balor romance, and more Southpaw Regional Wrestling.

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The Hardy Boyz are currently a tag team in WWE after returning to the company at WrestleMania 33 just in time for the RAW Tag Team Championship match, which, by the way, they won. While they’re comfortable in this tag role now, given the fame it brought them and the WWE Universe’s familiarity with them as a unit, the Hardy Boyz 2 Men don’t expect to always be a duo.

In fact, Matt Hardy spoke to Sports Bible in an interview about that, among other things, with the expectation being that, at some point, each of the Hardys would be in singles feuds dealing with their own problems instead of permanently packaged as a team:

I think down the road there will be a potential for both of us doing our own things; we're both strong singles personalities in many ways, and I think as performers we've grown as we've got older; we've got smarter.

Wondering if this was going to be the case with them was legitimate, too, especially since WWE never figured out just how they were going to make Bubba Ray Dudley a singles competitor like he was with the former TNA. WWE would be foolish to not take advantage of the various feuds that Matt Hardy suggests he and his brother would be into as singles competitors. Bray Wyatt for Matt — presumably while broken. Seth Rollins for Jeff. Either of them against Roman Reigns.

There are so many fresh and new matchups here with the Hardys as singles competitors, that it almost seems impossible for WWE to not eventually use them this way. With Brock Lesnar only around on occasion and the main event always just an injury or two away from looking a little thin, having both of the Hardys around to go where they need to go — tag, mid-card, main-event — would be... well, you know.

Okay I can’t help myself it would be delightful.

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