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Wednesday Night Shootin'- The 'Until After Backlash' episode

It's almost here, folks! Lately, SmackDown Live has lost that loving feeling (whoa, that lovin' feeling) and I have been promised, nay, GUARANTEED that this is only until after WWE Backlash. Why? I have no Earthly idea why this is the common talk surrounding the show. What about Backlash has made the "A" brand go to the "F" brand? Seriously, folks, two weeks in a row, my own personal rating for the show was a flat F. You know, as opposed to a circular one.

Join us here at 9PM Eastern Standard Time where andrew and I will make our predictions for Backlash and . . . Oh, dear. WWE really has not given us much to talk about. Nevertheless, we will be here and we look forward to hearing from you as well!

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