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50 things we learned in ‘Being the Elite’

The Elite

The Elite - Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks - have been chronicling their journey as pro-wrestlers over the last 14-ish months giving fans backstage glimpses into the grueling travel, pre and post-matches, how they fill their down time on the road, sponsored life, and the insanity that is their merch tables everywhere they go. It is also where they blur the lines of kayfabe, wink to the Internetz, and create their own storylines using these videos and their prestigious Twitter accounts.

The Elite just published the big 5-0 of videos in the series and here are 50-plus of just some of what we have learned thus far:

1) Despite Twitter making jokes about it, Nick isn’t high thankyouverymuch. He’s just tired and bleary eyed. All 3 are straight edge, yo.

The Elite

2) You know what happens............ when you ask Matt for an autograph? Just be prepared.

3) Matt and Nick can also offer therapy sessions for your New Day fandom.

4) Always open DMs from Kenny. They’re always a big, global delight. Current storyline includes Kenny sending a dick pic DM to the Bucks and them not responding.

5) Marty Scurll is a villain…against the poorly spoken. He orders big packages of dictionaries. If you hear someone yelling “dictionaries! Woo!” you will know who it is.

The Elite’s diary of their deepest thoughts. Episode 50.

6) They hate The Revival.

7) The Revival are not famous in Japan so don’t go hunting for any of their shirts there.

8) Kenny was bullied when he was younger

9) Matt and Nick’s dad is a singer. The songs you hear in most of the videos are his own.

10) Matt and Nick’s kids are super cuteeeeeeee.

11) Yujiro is life. A cranky, short-tempered, expletive filled life. His hobbies include telling his Bullet Club brethren to shut the [expletive] up.

12) They are at airports a lot.

13) And yet! Matt and Nick get stopped by TSA once every trip. Matt joked “I’m here more than they are, I should be stopping them.”

14) Matt is a sensible narrator, Kenny is an animated narrator, Nick is a forgettable narrator.

15) Kenny is in a great mood!

16) At the end of a long tour, Kenny is ready to go home telling viewers “I was born ready to go home” (I share this with Kenny Omega) and Adam Cole is the “dork” of the group and he didn’t want to go home because he was having a great ol’ time.

17) They like McDonald’s

18) But Cracker Barrel is their favorite. So is soda.

19) TGIFridays and Hard Rock Cafe is a frequent stop.

20) The Elite once fearlessly took on Colonel Sanders. The Colonel did the damn thing and called them spot monkeys. #YouDeserveIt

21) After their Ladder Match at Ring of Honor Supercard of Honor XI during WrestleMania weekend, Matt and Matt greeted each other making sure they were okay. Then they recapped some favorite spots and the Bucks told Hardys they were their heroes.

22) They were embarrassed after Toyko Dome when they all lost.

23) Going skydiving the day before a pay-per-view is totes fine.

24) Bad Luck Fale has a dojo!

25) The Young Bucks have some great fans. After their first 5 star match this summer, a fan ordered a copy of the Wrestling Observer that had the 5 star write-up, had it framed, and got Big Uncle Dave to sign it.

26) Sometimes the Young Bucks even dine with their fans! You never know who these fans / young boys might grow up to be.

27) Sponsor = spiz. For a laugh ask them to pronounce “bucks”.

28) The owner of a restaurant in Japan once asked the Young Bucks to superkick him. They gladly did so.

29) They pretty much always “feel terrible” when arriving at the arena for a show after a long day of traveling

30) Interfering in a match can be a crowd-sourced! Whilst chilling ringside during a Briscoe Brothers match in ROH, Nick casually filmed it for the series and polled viewers, despite the Being the Elite video clearly going to have a tape delay, if they should interfere. They guessed what Being the Elite viewers would want. An interference. They know what the people want, man.

31) They are always aware when a show is sold out.

32) Kenny always sits shotgun when they’re driving around

33) “If you’re not hustling, you’re not making money. Grow up.” –Life advice from Matt

34) Kenny keeps that bod with a very strict diet. #eatclean

35) Nick is the dominating champion in the group at the classic game of HORSE.

36) If you need to do any voiceover action for your own YouTube series, Kenny and the Bucks have found great success in train station bathrooms

37) The opening of the videos has changed 5 times in the 50 videos but I still recommend no matter what, you keep your volume low for it. Yowza.

38) In Chile, when the ring crew needs to see if the ropes are good enough for a springboard, who do they call on but the Bucks. As Matt says, “Nick can springboard on licorice. That’s a shoot.”

39) Matt and Nick surprised their nieces with a trampoline for Christmas, crediting the trampoline as how they learned all their flips and spots.

40) For Wrestle Kingdom at Tokyo Dome, the building is so big they have to get in a car and drive around the building to get to their entrance.

41) Upon arriving back in Japan to get contract negotiations started, Kenny gets picked up in a limo noting “things have changed since Wrestle Kingdom.”

42) If you’ve ever ordered any printed merch from ‘em, chances are it was signed in a hotel room.

screengrab from The Elite personal records obviously

43) Matt was once a jobber on SmackDown!

44) Dave Meltzer makes one appearance and counting.

45) After the 6 star match, they didn’t hear a lot from Kenny. Matt commented “I think that match took everything out of Kenny on a physical, emotional, mental level. We haven’t really heard much from him he’s been really quiet. I think he’s tired and keeping to himself right now.” He also called Kenny their BFF in the business. D’aw.

46) Nick was poisoned. Adam Cole has already accidentally admitted to it on camera but we await the Bucks discovery of this footage, in the meantime their prime suspect includes frequent “Being the Elite” guest star and cameraman Marty Scurll. In episode 50, they wished Marty well on his future endeavors.

49) Flips are part of the fitness routine. Duh. @ScottDawson @DashWilder

50) Kenny was happy to be a part of the G1 (obviously – considering how it worked out for him) but it was “eating him up inside” to not be in attendance at a gaming convention that also took place during the tournament. Pokemon Go also helped him pass the G1 time.

51) 7/11 is the convenience store of choice in Japan, per Kenny.

52) Kenny’s visa issues with the US are due to the fact that he’s an “endangerment to children”. Matt’s “homeboy” is a source and the hold-up is the “office” has apparently seen his match with a 9 year old girl. Womp womp. :)

When you’re Elite, no shame in the game.
The Elite


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