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Drew Galloway’s final Evolve matches set

When Drew Galloway appeared onscreen in the crowd at NXT TakeOver: Orlando and confirmed shortly thereafter that he was well and truly returning to WWE, the question of how his exit from the World Wrestling Network in general and Evolve in specific would go remained unanswered, but no more.

Drew will face Evolve World Champion Zack Sabre, Jr. in a non-title match at Evolve 82 (April 22) before going on to end his feud against Matt Riddle decisively in an “I Quit” match at Evolve 83 (April 23). Galloway vs. Sabre is a first-time match in Evolve, but the Riddle match will be the third in a series where both men have traded decisive victories, with Bro pummeling Drew into submission at Evolve 79 and Galloway spiking Matt through a table with a piledriver at Evolve 80.

These matches join Kyle O’Reilly vs. Keith Lee and “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams & Fred Yehi defending the Evolve Tag Team Championship against their Catch Point stablemates Chris Dickinson & Jaka at Evolve 82, as well as O’Reilly vs. Yehi and Lio Rush vs. Sabre at Evolve 83.

It remains to be seen how his storyline will pivot to accommodate his departure, given that he’s spent the last year crusading against WWE’s influence on and working agreement with Evolve, claiming that he’s the only man who can save Evolve from itself. Indeed, he cut a promo expanding his crusade from Evolve to the whole of WWN on Saturday night before Keith Lee crushed his ribs with a moonsault to write him out of the WWN Championship match so he could head on over to TakeOver to make his appearance.

This would all seem to contradict the man going to WWE, but he is the villain of the piece, after all, and I look forward to seeing the mental gymnastics Mr. Galloway will engage in to justify his departure.

There you have it, folks

Anybody else as stoked as I am for this “I Quit” match, Cagesiders?

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