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No one knows what a House of Horrors match is yet

Friday’s Rude Awakening looks at Payback’s biggest (?) match, the time a Stone Cold stunt almost killed him, and Lana taking credit for everything.

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WWE declared a House of Horrors match would occur as the rematch between Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt for the WWE World Championship. There has never been a House of Horrors match in WWE, so no one had any idea what exactly it was. It turns out WWE themselves hadn’t figured it out, either, and then to further confuse everything, Bray was moved to RAW from SmackDown Live in the Superstar Shakeup. So, the match was still on, but suddenly it was at Payback instead of at Backlash, a mix between the two brands, and somewhere along the way, it was also no longer for the WWE World Championship.

That means the emphasis here is heavily on the house and its horrors, but what exactly WWE can do with this is up in the air. They sent out a survey to viewers hoping to find out what it is they would want to see in such a match in the first place. There are rumors floating around, reported by Dave Meltzer, that the match will start with pre-taped action that will eventually move to the ring itself for a live finish.

It’s not that we need to be spoiled on precisely what kind of horrors the match will have, or what form it will take. But when Randy Orton is basically going, “I don’t even know what this is,” and Bray Wyatt isn’t giving even little hints, and we’re coming off the weird, mostly pointless bugs projection from their Mania 33 match, and it’s no longer for the title and these two aren’t even on the same show where a win or a loss will impact either much... well, a little something to go on would alleviate some pre-match stress.

What we do know is that this is a huge opportunity to actually do something with Bray Wyatt and the whole spooky cult leader thing. If House of Horrors is as much of a joke as what happened at Mania, though, it might be time for WWE and Bray to think of entirely new directions for the popular, but ineffective, character.

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