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Previewing WWE Payback 2017

This week’s Rudo Radio goes over the highs and lows of RAW and SmackDown while preparing you for Payback.

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It’s time for Payback! Well, Sunday is time for Payback. And also payback. That’s why they named the pay-per-view that way. Among the wrestlers looking for payback at Payback are Roman Reigns, Chris Jericho, and Bray Wyatt, but you wouldn’t know that based on the weird main event to RAW’s go-home show this week. Don’t worry, we talk about that oddity, too.

Also on the show is Nick’s uncomfortable feeling about Kevin Owens on SmackDown, our pro-Jinder agenda, and love for what the blue brand is doing with their new-look women’s division, spearheaded by the divisive Charlotte Flair. Also also on the show: concern for House of Horrors, which could be anywhere from great to a huge waste of the time of everyone involved or watching. We’re rooting for the former, but dear lord do we fear the latter.

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